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  • Our Sharepoint 3.0 Best Host Review

    Question: Who is the best Sharepoint 3.0 host?

    Jim in Seattle writes us: Who is the best Sharepoint 3.0 host?

    Our Answer: The best Sharepoint 3.0 host is probably offered by; a large web host operating from California with offices around the world. We have received 74 positive emails recommending their Sharepoint 3.0 services (commonly known other as WSS Hosting). You will find the details about their Windows SharePoint 2.0 and 3.0 services on the "WSS Hosting" tab at their website. As a Sharepoint 3.0 web host, they have always seemed to deliver a high level of quality at reasonable pricing. While Hostway is not the cheapest Sharepoint 3.0 web host, they are one of the better ones. We have long been recommending Hostway as a web host of choice, and they regularly rank at the top of our monthly Top 10 web hosts list. We did a quick Sharepoint 3.0 review of their services and you will be able to get a Sharepoint 3.0 web hosting plan for $11.95 a month. It ships with 50 users and 200MB of space. user feedback also told us that people really like the free 30 day trial they provide for Sharepoint 3.0 customers. You can learn more information about it by clicking here. We were certainly impressed by the quality of their Sharepoint WSS web hosting plan and the very low prices associated with it.

    If you want to learn about other great Sharepoint 3.0 web hosts and find out the names of some of the best Sharepoint 3.0 hosts below Hostway, we recommend that you visit and review the web hosts listed at the Sharepoint Hosting showcase.

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