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    Rackforce DNS Servers Q&A

    David in Vancouver asks: What is the Rackforce DNS system? I want to buy a dedicated hosting product from Kelowna-based Rackforce but I need the Rackforce Domain Name Server (DNS) to host my domain name in the meantime until I actually proceed to buy a dedicated server from them.

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    Our Answer: Rackforce DNS NameServers are easy. At your current domain registrar you will have a space for DNS - domain name servers - which identify where your website will be hosted at or transfered to. It will likely have the domain registrar as the default information, so you will need to change that and enter the Rackforce DNS information there instead. We recommend you read the transfer domain document provided by your domain name registrar in order to verify the specific fields where you need to update your information. Note that if you want to buy a new domain name, you can click here and then transfer the domain name to Rackforc ewith all the appropriate domain name server information filled in properly. To transfer a domain to and use their DNS servers you will need to use your domain registrar's online control panel to input the Rackforce DNS service information. Consult the review sheet or guide your registrar offers if you need help with this procedure. The Rackforce DNS Servers have two lines, two DNS numbers, you will need to input. The following information must be entered in order to get your domain name to properly resolve to the Rackforce DNS Name Servers where you can then go ahead and buy a hosting package. Not entering this information exactly will result in a failure to resolve to the DNS. Copy and paste exactly.

    The first Rackforce DNS input is called the primary name server, the second DNS data is called the secondary DNS numbers name server.

    If you need the Rackforce DNS IP information, the details are:

    Hopefully our free Rackforce DSN guide has answered your question on what is the DNS name server information for Rackforce Hosting. Rackforce suggests that their customers install DNS server software locallly on their dedicated server (i.e. BIND, Microsoft DNS , djbdns) and provides some helpful information how you can and cannot use their DNS servers, check out this resource by clicking here.

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