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  • Rackforce ReviewRackforce Web Hosting ReviewRackforce Hosting Inc. Reviews

    Paul in Vancouver writes us: I'm looking for reviews on Rackforce - especially Rackforce reviews that are honest without bias. Is Rackforce good or bad as a dedicated server web host?

    Our Rackforce reviews answer: When it comes to looking for managed web hosting or a dedicated server, looking for reviews on a particular web host, such as a Rackforce review in your situation, is a good start. However, the problem with your approach in conducting your Rackforce review is asking whether Rackforce is good or bad. This is a very poor way to engage in a constructive review for managed hosting. There are many dedicated hosting companies available - you need just check our Dedicated Server Showcase to see that. The better question is asking whether Rackforce Hosting, Inc. is right for your needs per say and not do a comparison against another company's hosting requirements. As a managed hosting buyer, your particular Internet infrastructure needs will be different than other corporate businesses or small businesses and should be the key analysis input to doing a Rackforce web hosting review. You must therefore be cautious about using reviews to either positively or negatively influence your purchase decision unless that information is closely aligned with your own purchase intentions.

    With respect to Rack force, we have been impressed by this company. Located in Kelowna British Columbia, Rackforce has used its geographic base to offer managed hosting to customers in both Canada and the United States. As such, they are one of the few dedicated web hosts that lets their customers choose the currency they wish to be billed in. As a Canadian dedicated hosting customer, currency and physical location within Canada might be important in your decision hence our wish to highlight it upfront. Let's talk about some of the things that have given us a positive impression of Rackforce when we conducted our Rackforce Hosting reviews.

    Rackforce Hosting Review Comment #1 - Technology Focus - For our Rackforce review we asked a number of industry suppliers about Rackforce, both hardware and software, and they all spoke highly of them. Rackforce does a strong job at delivering business technology solutions centered around using the latest software and hardware. To be honest, this came cames as a surprise while doing our internal Rackforce hosting reviews since when you think about out-of-the way locations like Kelowna, BC you might not think they could offer the technological strength that a dedicated host could say in New York City. But Rackforce performs right up there with metro-centered web hosts, including recent plans with IBM to launch a large green data center. When it comes to managed hosting, good Rackforce reviews will point out their strong technology roots since this should be a key factor in deciding which dedicated server provider to buy from. We recommend you read their blog, found by clicking here, since it has some good insight into how they approach technology.

    midPhase versus Rackforce
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    Rackforce Hosting Reviews Comment #2 - Competitive Pricing - We don't want to imply that Rackforce Hosting offers the cheapest dedicated hosting. Our Rackforce reviews around their pricing structure did however indicate them to be competitive. Managed hosting should not be bought solely on price, but rather on whether their solution set matches your needs. The wrong solution provider, however inexpensive will be costly from a loss of business standpoint if downtime or setup delays occur. Provided that a managed or dedicated web host has competitive pricing - say within a 25% range of the industry averages - which Rackforce does - then you should be satisfied for this review element and not place too much emphasis on it.

    Rackforce Review Comment #3- Environmental Leadership - Our Rackforce Hosting reviews turned up how Rackforce is gaining a reputation - at least within Canadian media - as an environmentally-friendly web host. This is a winning direction for the company. Here at we applaud environmentally-sound hosting. Of course, lowering energy costs when operating electricity-intensive data centers is good for their bottom line too, but we've found many web hosts do not place a focus on this. gives Rackforce two thumbs up for their efforts here. For those conducting their own Rackforce Hosting reviews who would like to learn more about this web host's approach to environmental leadership, we recommend this article.

    Comment #4 from our Rackforce Review - Scalable Solutions - Rackforce has significant scalability powers for clients who experience rapid growth. This is contributed to by their expanding data center infrastructure and their extensive use of virtualization software. One such example, is the Club Penguin story - read more here - which had a large portion of their web hosting services built up by Rackforce. The Club Penguin situation is a good example of how Rackforce has market capabilities to help clients whose managed hosting needs expand quickly and to a large scale.

    Hopefully our review on Rackforce has helped you with an initial glimpse into the company and some of the innovative things they are doing within the dedicated hosting sphere. If you are interested in their products and services you can visit their website by going to We encourage managed hosting customers to ask their future host, Rackforce included, for customer and client testimonials, which can be an important part of a web hosting review. This is best done once you have narrowed down your list of potential providers.

    If you are looking for dedicated web hosting or a managed server you should still always compare web hosts to make sure that particular product offerings are competitively positioned. Our Dedicated Server Showcase is a good place to start that dedicated hosting review process. The showcase lists some of the more reputable and established dedicated server providers available to business-class buyers.

    This Rackforce review was originally prepared in 2007 and updated in 2009.

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