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    DedicatedNOW.com Donates Hundreds of Servers and Computers to Urban Renewal Corp.


    CLIFTON, NJ Ė April 17th, 2009 - DedicatedNOW, the leader in fully managed dedicated servers, announced today the donation of hundreds of dedicated servers to the Urban Renewal Corp (URC), a community-based non-profit organization that provides emergency services, counseling, housing and vocational training for the homeless and economically disadvantaged in New Jersey. DedicatedNOW, realizes the hardship felt by many due the current economic crisis, not only locally in New Jersey but across the country. "Rather than selling off servers and equipment to parts suppliers, we made the decision to donate these computers to the Urban Renewal Corp, so they may be put to good use," says Matthew McCormick, Director of Operations for DedicatedNOW.

    Given the current economic decline, there is no shortage of homeless or jobless citizens in America. In addition to housing and rehabilitation services, URCís goal is to find the best way to get people back to work. "The common denominator seemed to be computers," says Lane Jacobs, Founder and President of URC. "Every company, regardless of the industry, needs computers to operate. So, we felt that computer training would put our clients one step ahead in their job search," says Jacobs.

    URCís Computer Training Program teaches the jobless to repair, maintain and operate computers. At the end of the program, students are given the computers for their own use. Any computers which are unable to be rehabilitated are sold to local recycling companies, thereby generating additional revenue for the organization. URCís computer literacy program provides beginner to advanced classes as needed to compete in todayís job market. With vocational training programs that include computer salvage, repair and refurbishing, building maintenance and facilities management, URC is a savior to many during these tough times.

    About DedicatedNOW:

    Since 2003, DedicatedNOW has led the managed dedicated server hosting industry by providing comprehensive management of dedicated servers. With an emphasis on customized dedicated server solutions and adaptive customer support, DedicatedNOW leverages its partnerships and redundant network to provide unparalleled performance for its customers. Find out more about DedicatedNOW online at http://www.dedicatednow.com.

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