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    Top Online Video StorageCheap Online Video Hosting ReviewOnline Video Hosting Web Space

    An Online Video Hosting question from Jennifer G. in Dallas, Texas: I need cheap online video hosting service to host some videos on my new website. Which is the best online video hosting provider that I can use as a web host for my Internet video files?

    Online Video Hosting Answer: We have some great recommendations for Online Video Hosting. Before showing you some of the most popular online video hosting companies, we feel that really good advice on finding the best online video web host should give you some criteria and suggestions on how to locate your online video hosting provider. There are four important online video hosting factors to consider when conducting your own online video hosting review. First, a top online video hosting solution needs to have adequate online video hosting web space and online video hosting bandwidth. Most video files are very large and bandwidth intensive. Thus, the first key to finding a good online video hosting solution is to find a share website hosting solution that offers plenty of account features. Now there are a few of you out there who will want to purchase online video hosting using a dedicated server. That can be a great way to achieve large amounts of disk space and traffic for hosting video files but the costs are much higher, usually $100 a month a up. If you want to compare dedicated hosting services for online video hosting, we suggest you visit our Dedicated Server showcase by clicking here. The second hint to finding the best online video web host is to make sure the company you are considering has a 30-day money back guarantee and a reputable client base. Great online video hosting providers aren't afraid to let you conduct a bit of trial hosting before you buy. With a 30 day refund you can test-out their affordable online video hosting service and if it meets your online video hosting requirements then great. Otherwise, you will be able to cancel your bad online video hosting package and substitute it with a better online video hosting account from a different online video web host. Most shared video hosting companies should also provide an uptime guarantee with their online video hosting space - generally 99.9% is the standard. Third, finding the cheapest online video hosting is often a good approach. For personal users or small business needs, buying a cheap online video hosting service often does the job just as well as a managed hosting company. The key here is to examine the number of clients that the web host in mind has. A reliable online video web hosting company will usually have at least 10,000 customers - this is a sign that other web hosting buyers who have purchased their cheap online video hosting package are still happy with it. The more customers a low cost online video hosting provider has the better - it is a sign of marketplace trust and confidence by videographers. When you are looking for a discount online video hosting company you must also take into account whether they have setup fees (no setup fees are best) and whether they pay for your domain. Because doing a comparison of online video hosting companies is so competitive, many of the best online video web hosting companies actually offer a free domain name to entice new customers. Take advantage of any such free domains if you can - different web hosts will offer various free items in their online video web hosting plans such as free software, web page design programs, free domains, and even the ability to host multiple domain names. Finally, before using our online video web hosting review, be sure to take a look at affordable web hosts that match your needs in terms of an operating platform. There are some top-tier online video web hosting companies for both Linux online video hosting and also Windows online video hosting. In general, Linux online video web hosting is less expensive but for those who need Windows online video web hosting you can still locate strong server plans from companies like HostExcellence. Reliable online video hosting should be backed up by an SLA (service level agreement) that you can use to uphold your web hosts to their promised terms. By following these online video host tips and recommendations you will likely find a stronger video web host for your needs; feel free to visit our suggestions to see if they have the perfect video website hosting for your needs.

    Here our the Top Online Video Hosting Companies for this month:

    BlueHost - #3 Best Online Video Web Host
    Cheap Online Video Website Hosting
    Online Video Web Host Ranking: #1
    Online Video Hosting Company Name: Online Video Hosting HostBlueHost
    Online Video Hosting with Ecommerce: Yes, Included for Free
    Online Video Hosting Review Space & Bandwidth: Unlimited GB / Unlimited GB
    Affordable Online Video Hosting Prices: $3.95/mo. | Great Business Value
    StartLogic- 2nd Cheapest Online Video Hosting Provider
    Compare Cheap Online Video Hosting
    Cheap Online Video Hosting Web Server Compare Ranking Location: #2 - See ProLogic
    Top Online Video Storage Provider Name: Cheap Online Video Storage StartLogic
    Cheap Online Video Storage 24/7 Support: Yes
    Online Video Hosting Web Space RecommendationOnline Videos Web Storage Internet Space / Online Bandwidth Transfer: Unlimited GB / Unlimited GB
    Best Online Video Hosting Cost: $5.95/mo. | Cheap Shared Linux Hosting for Online Video Storage
    HostMonster - #1 Top Online Video Hosting
    Best Online Video Hosting
    Online Video Hosting Directory Rank: # 2
    Top Online Video Storage Service: Best Online Video Hosting from HostMonsterHostMonster
    Online Video Hosting 30-Day Refund Policy: Yes
    Online Video Hosting Movie Space and Bandwidth Unlimited GB / Unlimited GB
    Online Video Hosting Pricing: $5.95/mo. | On Sale

    We hope that you have found our best online video hosting solution guide and online video hosting company reviews to be helpful. If you found another cheap online video hosting company and would like to provide us feedback so we can consider it for our directory review next month, just email the online video web host to us at

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