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    Cheap MySQL Database HostingA Review of Cheap MySQL Database Hosting ProvidersMySQL Database Hosting Review

    A MySQL Database Hosting Question from James: What do I need to look for in the best MySQL database hosting? Furthermore, where do I find cheap MySQL database hosting?

    MySQL Database Hosting Response: Thanks for your question. As a developer of MySQL databases you deserve a better level of MySQL database hosting. That's why we took your question. In order to find the top MySQL database hosting, there are a number of factors you need to consider. In addition, because MySQL database hosting runs on Linux dedicated or shared servers, our best Linux MySQL database hosting recommendations are all Linux experts, which will lead to stability and reliability for your MySQL database hosting.

    MySQL Database Hosting consideration factors are as follows. First, does the MySQL Database Web Host have a strong reputation supporting databases? A Top MySQL Database hosting provider will have a large number of customers (in the thousands) which leads to better hosting. Second, you should be able to purchase MySQL Database hosting and ecommerce web site hosting all in one hosting plan. Since a database driven website often leads to online commerce, having the ecommerce hosting feature available will let you start doing business online should you wish it in the future without moving web hosts. Third, MySQL Database hosting should have competitive amounts of web space and bandwidth. As your MySQL database may become very large with time, you should make sure you get plenty of web space to develop and expand into. We recommend searching for discount MySQL web hosts that offer at least 1GB of disk space for your stable MySQL databases (this is an industry standard, so you should be able to find at least this much room for your MySQL database hosting plan). Fourth, does your MySQL Database hosting review consider the expertise of ourtside evaluation and ranking services such as our own? When selecting the Top MySQL Database hosting company using an independent recommendation from a MySQL database hosting directory can help you narrow your search, no doubt save time, and ultimately choose a better MySQL database web host. Finally, MySQL Database hosting should always have a 30-day money back guarantee in case you don't like your decision. Buying MySQL database web hosting from any company, regardless as to whether we recommend it or not, without a refund policy, is foolish. Guarantees for MySQL database hosters are common, so take advantage of them. Note that refund policies usually return all the fees associated with your MySQL database hosting, but may exclude the set-up fee should your web host charge one.

    Here our the Top MySQL database hosting providers for this month:

    HostMonster - #1 Top MySQL Database Hosting Provider
    Best MySQL Database Web Hosting
    MySQL Database Hosting Directory Rank: # 1
    Top MySQL Database Hosting Service: Best MySQL Database Hosting from HostMonsterHostMonster
    MySQL Database Web Hosting Limit: Unlimited MySQL Database Hosting
    MySQL Database Hosting Disk Space and Bandwidth Unlimited GB / Unlimited GB
    MySQL Database Web Hosting Offer Price: $5.95/mo. | Cheap
    Host Gator - Cheapest MySQL Database Hosting Provider
    Compare MySQL Database Hosting
    MySQL Database Web Hosting Comparison Rank: #2 - See Hatchling
    MySQL Database Web Hosting Provider Name: HostGator MySQL Database Web Hosting HostGator
    MySQL Database Software Hosting 24/7 Support: Yes
    MySQL Database Hosting RecommendationCompare MySQL Database Hosting Space / Transfer: Unlimited GB / Unlimited GB
    Cheapest MySQL Database Hosting Price: $4.95/mo. | Buy MySQL Database Hosting and Linux Web Hosting
    BlueHost - Best MySQL Database Hosting and Ecommerce Provider
    Cheap MySQL Database Hosting
    Cheap MySQL Database Hosting Solution Provider Rank: #3
    MySQL Database Hosting Web Host Name: MySQL Database Hosting Web HostBlueHost
    MySQL Database Hosting with Ecommerce Hosting Available: Yes, Included for Free
    MySQL Database Web Hosting Space & Bandwidth: Unlimited GB / Unlimited TB
    Best MySQL Database Hosting Fee: $6.95/mo. | Great Business Value

    The second part of your search dealt with finding cheap MySQL database hosting. Cheap MySQL database web hosting is made possible in large part due to automation software which most web hosts now use. In addition, by using control panels, mysql database web hosts are able to lower support costs and pass along these savings in the form of a cheaper MySQL database hosting package. There are two elements to Cheap MySQL Database Hosting that you should consider. The first, is obviously the price point. The cheaper you buy your MySQL database hosting, the better. However, the other consideration when looking for cheap MySQL database hosting is to examine the features offered. Sometimes for an extra dollar or two you will be able to get considerably more from a product feature (e.g. unlimited MySQL database hosting or large web space amounts) vs. what other low cost MySQL database hosting providers are supplying. In the below reviewed list from our MySQL Directory, we highlight what we found to be the best cheap MySQL database hosting web hosts. You may wish to compare them to see whether they are cheaper than the MySQL database web hosts you are either presently using (and are thinking about transfering) or compare them against other MySQL web hosts you may have on your current search list. Cheap MySQL database hosting is very reliable and recommended. There is no need to spend more than $10 a month to buy cheap Linux-based MySQL web hosting. If you do, you are spending unecessary money. So no matter where you ultimately decide to purchase the cheapest MySQL database hosting account from, be sure you get a competitive price quote.

    MySQL Database HostingMySQL Database Hosting Tip #1 - Do you have multiple websites? You might wish to buy multiple domain MySQL database hosting plans. If you find the best provider of MySQL hosting for your needs, then consider transferring more than 1 website to them. Ultimately, you will save more money each money on your MySQL hosting and likely simplify your accounting/payment side.

    Best MySQL Database HostingBest MySQL Database Hosting Tip #2 - Keep in mind that the Best MySQL Database Hosting is always relative. What works for one customer (be they an individual or a small business) will not always work for everyone. A great MySQL database hosting company is the one best suited to your own needs, not someone else's.

    MySQL Database Hosting with Linux Web HostingMySQL Database Hosting with Linux Web Hosting Tip #3 - MySQL Database Hosting and Linux Web Hosting go hand-in-hand. You should never buy a separate shared MySQL hosting account that doesn't provide basic website hosting with it. Since so many great MySQL database hosting companies supply both Linux Hosting and MySQL together in a single plan, be sure to find one that combines both of your needs to simplify your MySQL database hosting search.

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