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    Where to Buy Cheap Linux cPanel Web Hosting that Works

    Beth in Wisconsin asks us: Do you know of any cheap Linux cPanel hosting companies?

    Our Answer: Linux cPanel Hosting is low cost web hosting format that operates the cpanel control panel. cPanel is one of the most popular, most reliable and generally all around best control panel applications available on any Linux hosting platform. By looking for the cheapest Linux cPanel hosting you will thus not only find a reliable Linux cPanel hosting choice through your review, but also one of the most stable control panels to operate your web services. Cheap Linux cPanel Hosting can be difficult to find, which is one of the primary resources to use a Linux cPanel hosting directory such as ourselves to make that search easier. Our advice for finding the top Linux cpanel Hosting is to look for Linux cPanel web hosts that offer plenty of disk space, bandwidth, and features such as free website builders all for a discount price point. When we compared Linux cPanel hosting services to answer your question, we found that a cheap Linux cPanel hosting company should price its starting Linux cPanel plan under $7 a month to be price-competitive.

    Here are our Top Linux cPanel Hosting Recommendations for this month:

    Top Linux cPanel Hosting Provider - HostMonster | Linux cPanel Hosting Review Winner
    Linux cPanel Hosting Server Space:Unlimited GB
    Linux cPanel Hosting Bandwidth Review: Unlimited GB
    Cheap Linux cPanel Hosting Pricing: $4.95/month - On Sale
    2nd Best Linux cPanel Hosting Provider - HostGator
    Best Linux cPanel Hosting Web Space:350 GB
    Linux cPanel Hosting Bandwidth Review: 3000 GB
    Cheap Linux cPanel Hosting Price per month (paid yearly) $4.95/month

    Depending upon what features you want in your Linux cPanel hosting you can expect to spend slightly more or slightly less. For the cheapest Linux cPanel hosting, we suggest HostGator which can be bought for as low as $4.95 a month and comes with 350GB of Linux cPanel web hosting web storage space. If you want to increase the amount of web space or bandwidth you get with any Linux cPanel hosting plan you are considering, then expect to pay more. Rather than moving up the product line at affordable Linux cPanel hosting services, you are better to look for a different Linux cPanel web host that might have a slightly more expensive but different plan. For example, for an extra $1 a month ($12 annually) you could go with HostMonster who offers unlimited Linux cPanel hosting space for only $7.95 annually.

    Cheap Linux cPanel Hosting from HostGator

    We want to hear back from you about your cheap instant cpanel hosting experiences. If you have tried HostGator or BlueHost and want to submit a review on their linux website hosting services, simply email your recommendation (good or bad) to You can find more cPanel hosting providers by conducting a review of the cPanel hosts at the cPanel Hosting Showcase. If you are looking to find a cPanel reseller hosting service, you can also try our cPanel Reseller Hosting Showcase. Once you find a good Linux cPanel hosting provider, you should always check out their testimonial pages and visit the websites they have listed. This way, you can make sure that the user feedback about cPanel hosting is legitimate.

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