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  • IXWebHosting MySQLIX Web Hosting MySQL Hosting ReviewIX Web Hosting MySQL

    IX Web Hosting MySQL HostingA report on IXWebHosting's MySQL Database and Hosting PackagesIXWebHosting MySQL Hosting Review

    Benny in New York asks:Does IX Web Hosting offer good MySQL hosting? Should I buy IXWebHosting's MySQL and cheap website hosting services?

    Our Response: IXWebHosting and MySQL come together in IX Web Hosting's MySQL Web Hosting package now available with recent capacity upgrades. Their top ranked IX Web Hosting MySQL package is called Business Plus and it costs $6.95 per month. The IXWebHosting MySQL hosting is considered a very strong plan given the low monthly inexpensive fee. IX Web Hosting MySQL hosting is however not the cheapest MySQL database hosting on the marketplace. A competitor called HostMonster offers roughly the same MySQL hosting package as IX Web Hosting but charges a lower monthly fee for it.

    The IX Web Hosting MySQL hosting plan comes with support for 100 MySQL databases. This is the same number as is offered by HostMonster. The key difference is that HostMonster charges only $5.95 per month versus the $6.95 per month charged by IX Web Hosting for MySQL support. Now, to be fair the IX Web Hosting plan comes with more web space and larger bandwidth allowances, so if you have massive MySQL database or huge traffic requirements then IX Web Hosting's MySQL solution is the way to go. In addition, the login and administration tools offered by IX Web Hosting MySQL host services are top-tier. But if you have smaller MySQL needs, the cheaper HostMonster package can save you up to $24 ($1 less per month on a two year term) on your database web hosting.

    IX Web Hosting MySQL Hosting with 100 MySQL Databases for $6.95 per month - Buy now!

    On balance, the IX Web Hosting MySQL Hosting plan is quite competitive. We reviewed it relative to other cheap MySQL hosting plans on the market and found it to be above well average (5 stars) on price-point, web space, and bandwidth perspective. The only knock against it is the slightly higher price than some of the less expensive MySQL web hosts such as HostMonster. However, the Business Plan offered by IX Web Hosting comes with a large amount of great webmasters tools for developers who need MySQL hosting such a free marketing help, the ability to buy quarterly IX Web Hosting MySQL services (3-month contracts), and easy integration of merchant accounts into the IX Web Hosting MySQL hosting system.

    IXWebHosting MySQL cannot be bought on dedicated servers. This MySQL web host only offers IX Web Hosting Shared MySQL hosting services. If you want to run MySQL in a dedicated server or managed hosting environment, you should visit our Dedicated Server Showcase for a list of the best dedicated MySQL web hosts.

    IX Web Hosting MySQL hosting also comes with a 30-day refund period. Not all MySQL web hosts offer this. The IXWebHosting MySQL 30 day trial is great since if you can't get your database to work on their servers within the first month you can cancel and request a refund for the monies you paid to buy the IX Web Hosting hosting and MySQL database support service. This helpful IX Web Hosting MySQL hosting feature makes the decision to purchase the IX Hosting MySQL web server account very low risk.

    IXWebHosting MySQL WebSite Link - IX Web Hosting
    IX Web Hosting's MySQL Hosting Plan Space: 1000 GB
    IX Web Hosting's MySQL Web Hosting Bandwidth: 10,000GB
    2 Year MySQL Database Hosting Cost: $6.95/month
    Quarterly IXWebHosting and MySQL Hosting Cost: $9.95/month

    Finally, while this article is designed to help you learn more about the IX Web Hosting and MySQL hosting services, Windows developers should be aware that IX Web Hosting also offers support for both Access and MS SQL hosting on their Windows Hosting plan available for $8.95 per month. Thus, if you want to change your IX Web Hosting MySQL hosting to IX Web hosting MSSQL hosting at some point in the future that upgrade path is available for you with this Top 5 web host.

    Please send any comments you have about IXWebHosting and MySQL database support to us here at We hope you have enjoyed this free review guide on the IX Web Hosting MySQL hosting services. Learn how to conduct their own MySQL hosting review with this helpful guide.

    Article is current for 2013

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