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  • IXWebHosting JoomlaIX Web Hosting Joomla Hosting ReviewIX Web Hosting Joomla

    IX Web Hosting Joomla HostingA report on IXWebHosting Joomla and Web Hosting PackagesIXWebHosting Joomla Hosting Review

    User E-Mail:Does IX Web Hosting offer good Joomla hosting? Should I buy IXWebHosting's Joomla and cheap Web Hosting Services? Response: Yes, IXWebHosting and Joomla come together in IX Web Hosting's Joomla Web Hosting package that is now available. The ranked IX Web Hosting Joomla package is called Expert and it can be purchased for as low as $3.95 per month. You've come to a useful page if you are considering IXWebHosting Joomla hosting. As an independent web hosting directory, we receive plenty of user reviews about IX Web Hosting. In turn, we can pass those reviews along to you, when users such as yourself ask a question about IXWebHosting and their Joomla offerings.

    First, the IX Web Hosting Joomla Hosting plan itself is quite competitive. We reviewed it relative to other cheap Joomla hosting plans on the market and found it to be above average (4 stars) on price-point, web space, and bandwidth perspective. In addition, IX Web Hosting is a profitable Joomla web hosting provider and as such we are confident to recommend IX Web Hosting's Joomla hosting services, since they are likely to remain in business and thus not leave you, the Joomla hosting buyer, with any form of a server outage. The only negative comment that our users provided about IX Web Hosting's Joomla Web Hosting services was that they do not offer Dedicated Servers. As such, if you have a very popular Joomla hosting website, you may need to look elsewhere.

    Next, IXWebHosting Joomla packages are covered by their 30-day money back guarantee. This is important since many web hosts, but not IX Web Hosting, charge a set-up fee for their low cost plans. No matter which Joomla hosting provider you ultimately select, make sure they have a refund policy. With set-up fees, if you aren't happy when it comes to the purchase decision, you might not get your set-up fee back. Fortunately, as one of our users (thanks Mike B.) told us, IX Web Hosting has no setup fees and so when you buy, you still get the 30-day IXWebHosting Joomla refund guarantee. With no setup fees associated with their Joomla web hosting plans, you can choose I X Web Hosting and still get a refund if the IX Web Hosting Joomla hosting package doesn't meet with your satisfaction.

    IXWebHosting Joomla WebSite Link - IX Web Hosting
    IX Web Hosting's Joomla Hosting Plan Space: Unlimited GB
    IX Web Hosting's Joomla Web Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Joomla and Hosting Cost: $4.95/month
    Monthly IXWebHosting and Joomla Hosting Cost: $7.95/month

    If you want Mambo hosting, try our Mambo Hosting Showcase. Lastly, for those looking to develop Joomla content management at IX Web Hosting, you might find some general Joomla! links to be helpful. We suggest two most important recommendations in our IXWeb Hosting Joomla Review. First, try and second, visit Joomla Resource.

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