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    IX Web Hosting DNS Servers Q&A

    Katy S. writes us.: What's IX Web Hosting's DNS? I want to transfer my website to IX Web Hosting but need the IX Web Hosting Domain Name Server (DNS) to host my domain name in the time period between now and when I am ready to purchase a cheap shared hosting account with them.

    Our Answer: IX Web Hosting DNS NameServers are easy to find out, we list them below. On your domain registrar you will have a space for DNS - domain name servers - which identify where your website will be hosted at or transfered to. The most common default information will be the domain name registrar but you can change that and enter IX Web Hosting DNS server information there instead. This way your domain name is parked at IX Web Hosting's name servers and you can activate it with a web hosting plan at any later date. The IX Web Hosting DNS Servers have two fields that you will need to input data into. The following information must be entered correctly in order to get your domain name to properly resolve to the IX Web Hosting DNS Name Servers. Failure to enter this information exactly, will result in a failure to resolve to the IX Web Hosting DNS system. Just copy and paste the following exactly.

    Those looking to purchase a low cost IX Web Hosting account, be sure to click here. If you need the IP addresses associated with the IXWebHosting DNS, they are as follows:

    IXWebHosting DNS - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $3.95/month.
    IXWebHosting DNS - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $3.95/month.

    Note that some IX Web Hosting customers will be assigned to other specific IX Web Hosting nameservers, depending upon which control panel they are hosted on. While the above information will work to park all domain names at IXWebHosting, certain existing IX Web Hosting clients will need alternative information. For existing IX Web Hosting customers who need to ascertain which CP-based server they reside on and get the corresponding free provided DNS details, you should consult here.

    If you are interested in learning more about IX Web Hosting and the view points of its CEO, you can read an exlusive interview by clicking here.

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