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  • Compare IX Web Hosting versus Lunarpages

    A Feature vs. Feature Comparison of the Differences between and

    If you are considering both IX Web Hosting and Lunarpages, you might want to know about some of the differences and whether IXWebHosting is better than Lunarpages or whether Lunarpages is better than IX Web Hosting. First, a comparison of IX Web Hosting and Lunarpages reveals some substantial differences in their hosting plans, prices, and general offerings. This table is designed to show the differences and similarities between the IX Web Hosting vs. Lunarpages account. - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $4.95/month. - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $4.95/month.

    IX Web Hosting and Lunarpages

    Feature Lunarpages IX Web Hosting
    Price - 2-Year Term $6.95/month $4.95/month
    30-Day Risk-Free Trial Yes Yes
    Web Space 1,500GB Unlimited
    Traffic 15,000GB Unlimited
    MySQL Support Included Yes No
    Free Domain Name Yes Yes

    In our review, when comparing IX Web Hosting and Lunarpages, we believe that IX Web Hosting offers better value for your website hosting needs. Unlike Lunarpages, IX Web Hosting delivers unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth vs. Lunarpages which has a limit. In review of IX Web Hosting and Lunarpages, IX Web Host's $4.95 web hosting plan also offers lower monthly costs, although from time to time you can find web hosting on sale with Lunarpages by clicking here. Comparing IX Web Hosting to Lunarpages demonstrates that both web hosts offer a free domain name with each of their shared hosting packages.

    For those people who require database support in their hosting and are comparing Lunarpages to IX Web Hosting, your vs. review will show that databases are supported in Lunarpages's entry level plan but not in that of IX Web Hosting. If you are running a blog, database or other MySQL requiring technolgy, then the Lunarpages plan is likely the better option, since database supports costs $7.95 per month at IX Web Hosting versus just $6.95 per month at Lunarpages.

    If you are comparing Lunarpages versus IX Web Hosting for more advanced hosting needs both companies receive strong feedback from our users. However, we have received more complaints concerning downtime with Lunarpages than we have with IX Web Hosting. Both Lunarpages and IX Web Hosting offer fairly equal Windows-based hosting plans and full eCommerce hosting capabilities. However, if you need dedicated hosting and compare IX Web Hosting vs. Lunarpages, you will find that IX Web Hosting does not offer dedicated servers. Lunarpages does offer dedicated hosting through their subsiduary.

    Our Final Compare IX to Lunar recommendation: We recommend IX Web Hosting over Lunarpages for the best web hosting plans.

    As with any host vs. host comparison, individuals may have preferences so we encourage you to visit each web host to learn more. Visit Lunarpages here, and IX Web Hosting here. Some IX to Lunarpages differences reviews will yield a preference alternate to our user feedback driven analysis. As always, your specific needs should trump general web hosting comparison guides. Compared to many other hosts, both Lunarpages and IX Web Hosting are good website hosting companies. For more web hosting suggestions, visit our Top 10 Hosting Companies ranking.

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