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    iPower Blog Hosting Review

    Wyane in Ann Arbor, MI writes us: I'm thinking about the iPower WordPress hosting services and buying an iPower blog hosting plan but would like to know whether the WordPress hosting account by iPower is good or bad. What is it like to host iPower blogs? iPower Blog Hosting Response: Yes, iPower Blog Hosting is a great choice for those wanting to purchase WordPress web hosting or host blogs in genera. delivers reliable WordPress hosting technical support and WordPress MySQL databases come free with every hosting package that iPower web hosting sells. There are several blog hosting review comments that we would have about iPower WordPress hosting (or using them for other Blog hosting software) and we would like to share them with you. First, when conducting our iPower Blog Hosting review, user feedback was very important, so our recommendation comments reflect user participation - both good and bad feedback. Secondly, iPower WordPress Blog services is a really low cost blog hosting product - a great reason to choose iPower vs. other hosts for affordable WordPress web hosting. In fact, their current blogs hosting sale - just click here lets you buy fully supported blog website hosting for only $4.95 per month. This iPower blogs hosting solution is a great value at that price. Moving on, allow us to speak to some specific WordPress and blog hosting issues with iPower that you should consider if you intend to purchase iPower blog web hosting.

    iPower blogs

    As we mentioned, iPower blog hosting is competitively priced. When compared to other providers like IX Web Hosting or StartLogic, iPower ranks at the top for being the cheapest and most reliable. iPower is also one of the largest blog hosting companies in the world with several hundred thousand hosting clients and tens of thousands of blogs hosted. This means that the blog hosting provider has plenty of experience in ensuring that your WordPress, b2evolution or other blog software application will function correctly on the iPower blog hosting servers. Using the low cost iPower WordPress hosting solution is great from many regards; price, technical support, server hardware, experience, etc.. Anytime we can affirm a service as having high-quality blog hosting at a cheap monthly price that's a big win for the consumer - here iPower blog hosting deserve a solid A grade. This WordPress advice is particularly pognant since most blogs hosted at iPower are personal blogs run by individuals or small businesses who like to save money on their WordPress hosting costs. iPower Wordpress hosting also offers new blog websites a free domain name so that you can personalize your blog online for easy reference by your friends or business customers.

    Instant WordPress Setup and Activiation with Fast iPower Blog Hosting Facts

      iPower Blog Hosting Link -
      iPower WordPress Blog Disk Space: 1,500 GB
      iPower Blog Web Hosting Bandwidth: 15,000GB
      1 Year Blog Hosting Cost: $4.95/month - On Sale
      International Domain Support for Worldwide Blog Hosting: Yes

    Another good reason to select iPower for inexpensive WordPress blog hosting is that they support unlimited MySQL databases and the ability to host unlimited domain names while creating WordPress websites. This means that you and your friends can host multiple blogs under a single iPower blog hosting plan. A challenging blog hosting review element when comparing iPower's blog web hosting to other providers is that few blog web hosts allow you to host MySQL databases (necessary for WordPress) on their entry-level blog account. Most web hosts require you to upgrade to a more expensive hosting accounts elsewhere is just trying to find such large capacity blog hosting features. Our iPower WordPress hosting review, believes that iPower blogs are about as good as it gets.. Being supplied with so much MySQL database support in a single cheap blog package is unusual and a major positive reason why we rank iPower blog web hosting as a top blog hosting company.

    Furthermore, iPower blog site hosting plans are excellent because iPower and WordPress are just one of the blog applications supported. In addition to web blogs, iPower also supports b2evolution, BlogSpot, and any blog application that uses PHP version 4 or 5 or Perl 5. This will give you the flexibility to run multiple blogs software applications on your web server should you decide that WordPress no longer works for you. This flexibility in terms of which affordable or free blogging program to use is a nice feature since some web blog owners do change up their applications from time to time. Not having to transfer to a new blog host if and when you switch blog software is a good future perk.

    Lastly, iPower blog website hosting is a great choice for both bloggers of all skill levels. For beginners, iPower offers a free website builder tool that you can use while you figure out your blog software such that you can have an instant website. Moreover, with good technical support for blog users, iPower's blog web hosting plans provide a good way with easy blog technical support for novice Internet bloggers to get started online quickly. With extensive online tutorials and free search engine submission, getting a blog online with the iPower WordPress blog web hosting plan is simple and fast. In addition, if you want to use streaming audio or streaming hosting, the iPower blog account lets you do this. Try doing a comparison of other blog web hosts and you'll find that level of video/audio streaming web blog features are difficult to find. Advanced blog owners will also enjoy the powerful hosting application support which will let you customize your blog very well, and gain access to an easy login for iPower's control panel. Plus, iPower WordPress and blog hosting support in their affordable hosting account even comes with some free marketing plan so that you can drive no cost traffic to your Internet blog.

    Thank you for your iPower Blog + WordPress hosting question. We hope that our blog-related review comments have been useful in helping you to evaluate and search on iPower vs. not using them. Overall we believe that this host offers a great blog hosting package that will compare favorably against other .com hosting companies. If any other reader has a question they would like answered by our blog hosting expert, just email subject: iPower WordPress Question.

    iPower ranks in a number of Top 10 hosting company and Top 5 Hosting company rankings, including our own Top 10 List. We encourage you to search this top blog hosting provider list so that you can conduct your own review on whether iPower's blog hosting is good and right for your own individual blog hosting needs. You can visit iPower by clicking here.

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