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  • Compare HostPapa versus WebHostingPad

    A vs. Feature Comparison of the Differences

    If you are considering both HostPapa and WebHostingPad in your web hosting comparison, we recommend that you should know about some of the most important differences between the the two web hosting companies in order to choose HostPapa or WebHostingPad as your web host. First, a comparison of HostPapa and WebHostingPad quickly demonstrates that for most webmasters and small businesses the entry level hosting plans offered by both HostPapa and WebHostingPad are more than sufficient for the average hosting buyer. In fact, both WebHostingPad and HostPapa offer unlimited web space and unlimited file transfer as a standard feature making both HostPapa and Web Hosting Pad much better than many other web hosts that you might be transferring a website from. However, even if both HostPapa and WebHostingPad offer unlimited hosting that doesn't mean that you can't find a better deal between either HostPapa or WebHostingPad. There are some differences between HostPapa vs. WebHostingPad that you should know if you are trying to decide between these two web hosts (or others). In summary, Host Papa (visit here) represents less value at higher prices than WebHostingPad (visit here). The first difference when you compare WebHostingPad to HostPapa is in terms of the web hosting costs between HostPapa and WebHostingPad. HostPapa charges $5.95 for a two-year plan whereas WebHostingPad charges just $3.96 per month equivalent. When you do a comparison of the HostPapa versus WebHostingPad annual plan, it is $7.95 with HostPapa and $4.95 with WebHostingPad. Therefore, when you consider how much your business or personal hosting costs will be, HostPapa is a more expensive hosting option than WebHostingPad.

    Transfer Your Website to or
    HostPapa - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.

    Remember, a $1 monthly difference between HostPapa or WebHostingPad equals $24 under a two year contract. This pricing differences favors WebHostingPad over HostPapa no matter what contract term you are looking at. Second, there are some notable hosting plan feature differences when you do a comparison of HostPapa vs. WebHostingPad. The biggest difference is that with the WebHostingPad account you get a free half hour of webmaster support to discuss how to improve your website. This is not just tech support; both HostPapa and WebHostingPad offer 24/7/365. If you are comparing HostPapa to WebHostingPad, we recommend you buy hosting from Choose the cheaper web host for better hosting prices than HostPapa.

    The following HostPapa and WebHostingPad comparison table is designed to show the most important differences and similarities between HostPapa vs. ccounts. WebHostingPad and HostPapa are not owned by the same company so even though their plans look similar, different parent companies own both WebHostingPad and HostPapa meaning you will also receive different technical support systems and control panels for HostPapa vs. WebHostingPad.

    Compare HostPapa and WebHostingPad

    Hosting Feature HostPapa WebHostingPad
    Lowest Available Price $4.95/month $3.96/month - Much less!
    Web Space Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
    Bandwidth Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
    Control Panel Used cPanel cPanel
    Host Unlimited Domain Names Yes Yes

    On balance, WebHostingPad provides better value than HostPapa and accordingly WebHostingPad is our review winner. You get more web hosting account features at a lower monthly rate thereby making WebHostingPad the better web host versus HostPapa. However, as with any host vs. host comparison, individuals may have preferences so we encourage you to visit each web host to learn more. Visit HostPapa here, and WebHostingPad here to conduct further inquiry on your personal HostPapa WebHostingPad review. In general, the user feedback about WebHostingPad and the user feedback about HostPapa provided to our editors here at has been largely positive for both web hosts. As with any host, asking whether WebHostingPad or HostPapa is good or bad will depend upon your specific needs and is too broad a question for a hosting review. One negative review finding about both HostPapa and WebHostingPad is that neither hosting company offers dedicated servers, vps hosting, or Windows hosting. Both WebHostingPad and HostPapa are just shared web hosts. If you need advanced hosting, or plan to grow into an advanced hosting product line, you should be considering a different web host right from the start. Try visiting our Dedicated Server Showcase for complex hosting requirements.

    Green hosting is another difference between HostPapa and WebHostingPad. WebHostingPad offers regular web hosting whereas powers their web servers with green energy. If you are wanting a green web host, then HostPapa not WebHostingPad is the choice that you should be considering.

    Specific Questions: As we get specific questions about comparing WebHostingPad vs. HostPapa, we will put the answers that we research here. Thus far, we've narrowed down some specific questions on the differences between HostPapa and WebHostingPad as follows:

    Transfer my website to Web Hosting Pad

    What are the contract differences between vs. WebHostingPad prices their web hosting plan on a one year basis at a lower price than HostPapa. HostPapa is still a very inexpensive hosting options - many hosts would charge more than $25 a month for their services, but you can buy the same product spec for less with WebhostingPad. If you are looking for contract-free hosting, neither HostPapa nor Web Hosting Pad offers month to month hosting; try HostGator instead. HostGator offers monthly hosting accounts or contract periods competitive with both WebHostingPad and HostPapa..

    Where are WebHostingPad and HostPapa located HostPapa is based in Oakville, Ontario in contrast to WebHostingPad which is located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. As such if you are looking for a Canadian web host or want to host a .ca domain, then HostPapa may be the better hosting option.

    Who is a larger hosting company - HostPapa or WebHostingPad? HostPapa is a larger hosting company vs. WebHostingPad but both web hosts have really gained scale since 2008.

    Have a HostPapa WebHostingPad Comparison question? Email us at We hope that this page has been useful to help you decide whether to buy HostPapa or purchase WebHostingPad after your own HostPapa versus WebhostingPad review.

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