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  • Comparing HostPapa versus Start Logic: A Feature vs. Feature Comparison of the Differences

    Web Hosting

    Question from Dean in Seattle, WA about StartLogic vs. HostPapa hosting: We are currently reviewing HostPapa vs. StartLogic with the intent to select either hosts web hosting product depending on whether StartLogic is better than HostPapa or the other way around if HostPapa vs. StartLogic is superior. Can you recommend either StartLogic or HostPapa for our new website. Please assist our StartLogic HostPapa review in any way you can.

    Our answer: No problem. If you want to know what the differences between HostPapa versus StartLogic, then you have come to the right place. Our HostPapa StartLogic comparison guide will help you compare HostPapa to StartLogic and once your comparison between HostPapa + StartLogic is complete, you will be able to make a quick and improved web hosting choice with either HostPapa or StartLogic. In fact, we've been helping web hosting buyers review low cost web hosts since 1998 with our montly Top 10 web hosts. When we compare HostPapa and StartLogic, our host vs. host compare work reveals minor differences between their hosting plan features but larger differences between StartLogic and HostPapa when it comes to their contract term requirements and monthly pricing. In addition, by clicking here StartLogic has offered special coupon pricing that HostPapa does not offer for our readers, thus saving you considerably on the regular hosting plan cost To start our review, please take a quick look at the key entry-level web hosting plan differences and similarities between the HostPapa vs. StartLogic plans.

    HostPapa versus StartLogic

    Feature HostPapa StartLogic
    Cost per month: From: $4.95/month From: $3.95/month w/ coupon.
    Free Domain Yes YES
    Web Space Unlimited Unlimited
    Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
    Email Addresses Unlimited POP3 Accounts Unlimited Email
    Point or Park Unlimited Domains: Yes Yes
    International Domains Supported Yes Yes

    Having conducted a vs. review, StartLogic provides the better web hosting choice between HostPapa and StartLogic because you get more in terms of value-add account features for less money. To get the same level of account features with HostPapa as with StartLogic, you would need to spend more money with HostPapa no matter what contract period you selected. With the special pricing, StartLogic has a $3.95 plan something not at all available from HostPapa. To us, it is obvious that a HostPapa versus StartLogic review should find relief from high hosting costs and long-contract terms with HostPapa. Depending upon your location, StartLogic being in Arizon vs. HostPapa in Canada can also save you money from a tax standpoint if your country or state charges hosting taxes.

    A big difference between StartLogic and HostPapa is how long you need to prepay in order to get the lowest monthly equivalent cost. With HostPapa, a 3 year purchase is required to get $5.95 per month pricing. This is not very competitive in our opinion. When you contrast StartLogic to HostPapa, StartLogic offers a $5.95 hosting plan with just a 1 year contract, and with this special hosting coupon a $3.95 plan on a two year contract. Without a doubt, StartLogic is better than HostPapa because they also have more clients and thus tend to have the network infrastucture required to support busy websites and lower their overhead, passing along the savings to customers. Since comparing HostPapa against StartLogic shows how much smaller HostPapa is against StartLogic, they do not offer the same scale to drive down internal costs. Hence, one of the reasons why HostPapa is more expensive than StartLogic.

    Should I choose HostPapa or StartLogic isn't always an easy answer. For some, the software benefits that each web host offers will vary the decision. However, in general, since both HostPapa and StartLogic offer unlimited hosting plans, it comes down to a pricing decision and contract term criteria being the most important. In addition, unlike HostPapa, if you need Windows Hosting or VPS Hosting, you cannot buy these products with HostPapa. However, both VPS Hosting and Windows Hosting are available with StartLogic. Depending upon the applications your website is built with and technical requirements, this may be another reason to choose StartLogic over HostPapa in your StartLogic vs. HostPapa review.

    Thanks for your question on asking us to do a HostPapa versus StartLogic comparison. Since StartLogic and HostPapa are not owned by the same company, you need to decide which business deserves your patronage. Hopefully this information has been helpful to you in saving money on purchasing your web hosting. If you have any comments from your own StartLogic HostPapa review do not hesitate to send them to us at



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