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    HostMonster DNS Servers Q&A

    Exclusive Reader Savings: Upgrade to HostMonster's NEW Unlimited Hosting Plan - On Sale for $6.95/mo. - Click here for Details User Email: What's HostMonster's DNS? I want to transfer my website to HostMonster but need the HostMonster Domain Name Server (DNS) to host my domain name in the interim until I buy a hosting offer from them.

    Our Answer: Isabelle - HostMonster DNS NameServers are easy. On your domain registrar you will have a space for DNS - domain name servers - which identify where your website will be hosted at or transfered to. It will likely have the domain registrar as the default information, so you will need to change that and enter the HostMonster DNS information there instead. Consult the review sheet or guide your registrar offers if you need help with this procedure. The HostMonster DNS Servers have two lines you will need to input. The following information must be entered in order to get your domain name to properly resolve to the HostMonster DNS Name Servers. Failure to enter this information exactly, will result in a failure to resolve to the HostMonster DNS. Copy and paste exactly.

    HostMonster - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.
    HostMonster - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.

    If you want to buy a HostMonster web hosting plan, be sure to click here. If you need the IP addresses associated with the Host Monster DNS, they are as follows:

    If you are now looking for the HostMonster name servers but haven't bought a HostMonster hosting plan yet, you can take advantage HostMonster pricing discounts by visiting our Coupon Guide by clicking here. You can either transfer your domain name to the DNS name servers at before or after your buy web hosting; just be sure to use our coupons when you do buy.

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