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  • Compare HostMonster versus midPhase

    A midPhase Feature vs. HostMonster Feature Comparison of the Differences

    If you are considering both HostMonster and midPhase in your web hosting comparison, you might want to know about some of the differences between the the two web hosting companies. First, a comparison of Host Monster and midPhase discloses web hosting plans that for most users will have the same effect; their accounts exceed the hosting needs for 99% of customers. But there are some differences when comparing HostMonster and midPhase - particular with regards to the pricing of HostMonster vs. Midphase that you should be aware of. This HostMonster and midPhase Hosting Services comparison table is designed to show the most important differences and similarities between HostMonster vs. Midphase accounts. Both website hosting plan providers are good although HostMonster provides better value for your hosting dollars.

    HostMonster - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $5.95/month.
    HostMonster - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $5.95/month.

    Feature HostMonster midPhase
    Price - ContractTerm $5.95/month $6.95/month
    Web Space Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
    Traffic Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
    Email Addresses Unlimited Unlimited
    Free Domain Name Yes Yes

    In general, HostMonster provides better value than midPhase since you get better features for less money. However, as with any host vs. host comparison, individuals may have preferences so we encourage you to visit each web host to learn more. Visit HostMonster here, and midPhase here.

    Specific Questions: As we get specific questions about comparing midPhase vs. HostMonster, we will put the responses here. Thus far we've also been specifically asked the following research questions.

    What are the contract differences between HostGator vs. HostMonster? midPhase prices their web hosting plan on a one year basis, where the best price for HostMonster is on a two year plan. That said, even if you buy HostMonster in the one-year term, you will still get better features with HostMonster - e.g. 100 MySQL vs. 1 MySQL databases and more web space - for the same $7.95 annual hosting plan.

    Where are midPhase Hosting Services Inc. and HostMonster Inc. based? midPhase is located in Chicago, IL whereas HostMonster is based in Orem, UT.

    Who is a larger hosting company - HostMonster or midPhase? HostMonster is a larger hosting company vs. midPhase with approx 5X more domains hosted than midPhase. Both hosting companies are growing quickly and gaining market share.

    Which would you choose for Windows hosting - HostMonster or midPhase? midPhase. midPhase offers both Linux and Windows web hosting whereas HostMonster only offers Linux website hosting.

    Have a HostMonster midPhase Comparison question? Email us at We hope that this page has been useful to help you decide whether to buy HostMonster or purchase midPhase web hosting services.

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