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  • Content: HostMonster Affiliate Program Review: Affiliates

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    Question from David in Texas about's affiliate marketing program: Is the HostMonster affiliate program a good hosting referral program to join? What is your affiliate program review opinion of the HostMonster affiliate program and how do I go about becoming a HostMonster affiliate?

    Our answer:'s affiliate program is a good web hosting affiliate program to participate in and join if you have a website that is looking for a reliable affiliate program and have a website audience that requires web site hosting plans. The best audience for a HostMonster affiliate are websites with small businesses, IT developers, or webmasters in general. This particular web hosting company has consistent and steady payouts to their HostMonster affiliates who promote the HostMonster product line by placing affiliate links on their websites. After doing a HostMonster affiliate program review one of the biggest advantages of the HostMonster affiliate program that we found was the ability to sell a popular web hosting package that includes unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth. By having an unlimited hosting plan to resell with HostMonster, potential affiliate webmasters of the HostMonster affiliate program can offer a hosting plan that will satisfy the hosting needs of any user no matter whether they have a small website or a large website. An unlimited affiliate program hosting product means better conversions for your website, which is a plus. Thus, with the products that the HostMonster affiliate program enables webmasters to earn commissions from, the conversion rates for the affiliate program can be steady and predictable.

    As one of the affiliates can earn $65 per web hosting sale compared to . Some of the unique benefits of the HostMonster affiliate program is that you can track which web pages on your website refer sales from; this lets you know what areas of your websites are most effective for generating revenue with the HostMonster affiliate program. A second advantage of the HostMonster affiliate program in our review is the ability to set personalized tracking codes. This way, if you operate multiple websites or want to track pay per click advertising campaigns, you can properly measure your revenues on a tag-by-tag basis. Third, the HostMonster affiliate program also offers several free features, such as a free domain name and a free website builder. One of the best ways to improve your HostMonster affiliate program commissions is to promote the free benefits - as customers realize they get substantial value for their hosting fees, which induces more users to purchase their hosting account from HostMonster; raising your conversion rates and ultimate earnings from the HostMonster affiliate program. The only disadvantage about being a HostMonster affiliate is that the $65 payment is below what is possible elsewhere, such as StartLogic . However, if you are a high potential affiliate, typically 10+ sales, may be able to negotiate a custom pay rate for you enabling competitive affiliate payments versus other web hosting affiliate programs.

    In general, our opinion of the affiliate program is very good. The HostMonster affiliate program conversion rate is strong and the company has a large selection of banners and button sto use in marketing their products. Of course, as a web hosting affiliate program should be, the affiliate program is free to join and does not cost anything. You cannot however refer your own purchase through the affiliate program - which is common with many hosting affiliate programs. If you are looking to join the HostMonster affiliate program, it is probably a wise decision. The HostMonster online affiliate program is open to both US and International affiliates so no matter where your site is based, assuming legal content, you will be able to join the HostMonster affiliate program. HostMonster does not offer adult hosting, so if you are looking for an adult hosting affiliate program, try HostGator instead. HostMonster also has a sister hosting company, BlueHost, and you can learn more about the BlueHost affiliate program by clicking here. To join the HostMonster affiliate program simply browse over to


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