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  • Content: Windows Hosting Question: Does HostGator offer Windows Web Hosting?

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    Click Here for More Information

    Question from Elizabeth in New York City, NY about HostGator: Do you know if there is a HostGator Windows website hosting plan available yet? I keep hearing that HostGator on Windows will exist soon and that HostGator currently offers Windows servers but I can't find the truth?

    Our answer: HostGator Windows Hosting is something we get quite a lot of questions about so we appreciate your confusion. HostGator had promised on its website to offer a HostGator Windows hosting platform early in 2008. However, by mid-year Windows hosting services were still not available in the highly demanded shared environment. Yes, HostGator does promise to offer a shared HostGator Windows hosting product at some point in the near future - they tell us that they are still testing the platform - however, at the moment you cannot buy a shared HostGator Windows plan. Once HostGator Windows hosting is available, we will update this page so that our readers can quickly locate any new HostGator Windows hosting products that become available during 2008 and 2009.

    If you have a company that required dedicated hosting or a dedicated servers, then HostGator can offer Windows. HostGator Windows is available on their dedicated servers - click here for info. This type of HostGator Windows hosting will require you to pay considerably more for Windows web hosting vs. shared hosting (e.g. $200 vs. $10 a month). Therefore, HostGator Windows products are really designed only for high traffic websites requiring a Windows dedicated environment. Otherwise for a shared Windows hosting by HostGator you will need to wait. Priced from $174 per month, HostGator Windows servers will however give you full access to Windows tecnologies such as ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 & 3.5, MSSQL Databases, and Access Databases hosting.

    If your business requires good Windows Hosting, we encourage you to visit our Windows Hosting Showcase to find reliable Windows web hosts that offer hosting on Windows which HostGator does not at this time.

    Thank you for your question about whether offers Windows website hosting. You may wish to visit EasyCGI, IX Web Hosting, and StartLogic to review their award-winning Windows hosting services.


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