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  • Compare HostGator versus StartLogic with our Free Review

    A Feature vs. Feature Account Comparison of the Differences between StartLogic vs. Host Gator Web Hosting Packages

    At, we've been reviewing web hosts in our Top 10 since 1998. Our web hosts review information is designed to help you make the right web hosting choice with budget hosting costs.If you are reviewing both HostGator and StartLogic and trying to decide which is the better hosting company to buy from, you might want to know about some of the differences with our free comparison guide in order to decide which web host is good and which web host is bad. In addition, our StartLogic vs. HostGator review will help you understand the costs, monthly fee differences, and contract terms between these two low cost web hosting companies. First, when we compare HostGator and StartLogic, our host versus host compare report reveals similar web site hosting packages. Whether you choose HostGator or StartLogic, both hosts have entry-level accounts that are likely to have features in excess of what the average hosting buyer and normal website will require. The below versus comparison table is designed to show the most important account differences and similarities between the HostGator and StartLogic website hosting packages and accounts that are likely to affect both individual and small business web hosting customers. Take a moment to compare HostGator and StartLogic using this table and then continue reading the helpful review comments below.

    HostGator - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.
    HostGator - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.

    Feature HostGator StartLogic
    Price - 2-Year Term $4.95 $5.95/month
    Monthly Price $8.95/month - No Contract Required! Not Available
    Web Space Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
    Traffic Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
    Email Addresses Unlimited Unlimited
    Free Website Builder Yes Yes

    In general, our opinion is that HostGator provides better value than StartLogic since both web hosting packages meet the hosting requirements for most websites but HostGator lets you accomplish this hosting goal with shorter contract terms and lower upfront costs. When you compare HostGator + StartLogic at the same time, you may be tempted by the occasional promotion that both HostGator + StartLogic run. You can get hosting on-sale around key holiday seasons with either web host, usually in the way of more account upgrades, but in general at the low $5.95 and $4.95 respective prices you are just as well to solve your hosting needs now and make a purchase after comparing StartLogic versus HostGator. Visit HostGator here, and StartLogic here.

    When we do our StartLogic versus HostGator review, we particularly like the product depth that HostGator offers for Linux hosting customers. First, HostGator offers more popular control panels with their web site hosting, including both cPanel and WHM, while StartLogic has a proprietary (and thus less popular) vDeck control panel. For transfer customers, using the same control panel as your prior web host is a big reason to find HostGator to be both a good web host and a better web hosting company than Start Logic. For those who need Windows or VPS hosting, StartLogic is the better choice when reviewed vs. HostGator because HostGator does not offer VPS hosting. Windows hosting buyers comparing StartLogic and HostGator should be aware that HostGator plans to add Windows hosting at some point in 2009 but as of press time it is not yet offered. When thinking about dedicated server customers, a review of HostGator versus StartLogic shows that both web hosts offer dedicated hosting, but StartLogic is often "sold-out" meaning that in reality HostGator is the far better choice for managed/dedicated hosting services.

    Additional vs. HostGator comparison and review comments around pricing and contract terms: HostGator is far better than StartLogic when it comes to payment and monthly fees. No matter how long you are willing to contract for, HostGator will offer their so-called "Baby" plan - suitable for 99.9% of most websites - at lower monthly fees for a shorter contract term. This in fact is one of the biggest differences when you contrast HostGator against StartLogic. Even more different is the monthly, no contract hosting plan option that HostGator provides. You can get your website hosted on a month-to-month hosting contract for just $8.95 per month whereas when you review StartLogic vs. HostGator, you will find that StartLogic requires at least a quarterly contract term for their web hosting accounts and plans. Moreover, the StartLogic hosting package doesn't become price-to-feature-competitive unless you buy an annual contract term. In terms of reviewing the technical support and uptime levels at HostGator versus Startlogic, both web hosts offer 30-day refund periods in case you aren't happy. However, as noted the total out of pocket expense to get your website online today will be much lower with HostGator versus Start Logic. Click here to view HostGator's $4.95 website hosting plan. User feedback for HostGator is generally more positive than the customer feedback that StartLogic receives. While you cannot expect too much hand-holding for under $10 a month, the response times with HostGator have tended to be better in terms of our readers ranking good and bad hosting SLA's. In addition, HostGator is growing more quickly as a corporation than StartLogic - now having over 130 employees serving customers from their headquarters in Texas. Geographically, StartLogic is based in Phoenix in contrast to HostGator which is based in Dallas. You can see pictures of their offices using the below website address links.

    Hosting Companies Reviewed

    HostGator -
    StartLogic -

    Both HostGator and StartLogic are privately owned companies. Neither HostGator or StartLogic trade on the stock markets.

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