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  • Compare HostGator versus iPower with our Free Review

    A Feature vs. Feature Account Comparison of the Differences between iPower vs. HostGator Hosting Packages

    At, we've been reviewing web hosts in our Top 10 since 1998. Our web hosts review between iPower and HostGator is designed to help you make the right web hosting choice when considering a purchase of either HostGator or iPower hosting services.If you are reviewing both HostGator and iPower you should first understand in your HostGator iPower review the core differences between the two web hosts and what is good or bad about iPower and HostGator respectively. In addition, our iPower vs. HostGator comparison will help you go beyond the account differences to understand the essence of the two different web hosting companies and whether HostGator versus iPower is better for your personal or business web hosting needs. First, when we compare HostGator and iPower, our host versus host compare report reveals web hosting accounts that are likely sufficient for most average hosting consumers, although iPower provides a larger hosting plan.. The below vs. comparison table is designed to show the most important account differences and similarities between the HostGator and iPower. Take a moment to compare HostGator vs. iPower using this review table and then continue reading the article below. Customer and user feedback on both iPower and HostGator is always important, so if you have tried HostGator or iPower and have some HostGator vs. iPower feedback, be sure to let us know - we will add it to this review for future readers.

    HostGator - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.
    HostGator - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.

    HostGator vs. iPower

    Feature HostGator iPower
    Web Hosting Price/mo. $7.95 - No Contract Available $4.95/month - On Sale
    Database Support Yes Yes
    Web Space 600GB 1,500GB
    Traffic 6,000GB 15,000GB
    # of Email Accounts Unlimited 2,500
    Marketing Credits No Yes

    In general, our opinion is that iPower provides better hosting value than HostGator. In essence, iPower vs. HostGator comes down to a price and features comparison. With a lower monthly price for iPower - based on their current web hosting sale (otherwise they are both $7.95/mo.) and more features - it is tough to justify switching or transferring your website over to HostGator. For those readers who require unlimited e-mail accounts, this is a feature our iPower vs. HostGator review revealed only at HostGator. However, for most companies 2,500 e-mail addresses is plenty. Our HostGator versus iPower study also revealed that iPower is a larger hosting company than HostGator. Both are large web hosts, i.e. 1M+ domains hosted, but iPower actually has more customer accounts than HostGator (who has such a large number of hosted domains due to their popularity with web hosting resellers. In addition, we also looked at the marketing credits that are offered with each web host and found that only iPower provided these to its customers. This can be a big difference in an iPower vs. HostGator review because small businesses often receive marketing credits worth the cost of their hosting purchase - essentially making the web hosting free.

    Is any host better than iPower? Conduct your own
    Click Here to Find out Why iPower is Priced Better than Other Web Hosting Companies

    We also compared iPower and HostGator on the basis of their products outside of shared Linux hosting. Both iPower and HostGator offer dedicated servers - although the servers at iPower are often "sold-out" or unavailable. If you are looking for virtual private servers, or VPS hosting, then we recommend iPower over HostGator, since iPower offers VPS whereas with HostGator you would need to buy a dedicated server and install the software post-purchase. One of the major differences between iPower and HostGator is their control panels. If you review HostGator vs. iPower, you will find that they each offer a very different application for administering your hosting account. If you are used to either one format or the other, this can influence your buying decision. We recommend cPanel as the best control panel and this is offered only by HostGator. iPower offers vDeck, which is a decent application, but less widespread in use than cPanel.

    When deciding between HostGator and iPower you must also take into account whether your a transferring a website or domain name to HostGator and whether you are transferring a domain name or website to iPower. iPower offers new website owners a free domain name (i.e. they cover the cost of the domain) if you buy their $4.95 web hosting plan. In contrast, HostGator does not offer free domain names with their hosting plans. Thus, if you are a new website owner or would like a free domain name, your iPower versus HostGator review might tilt in favor to iPower hosting. If you already have a domain name then this decision criterion will be less important in a HostGator iPower comparison.

    Hosting Companies Reviewed

    HostGator -
    IPower -

    As for user feedback and customer feedback, it is generally positive and good for both iPower and HostGator. Server reliability and uptime appear to be about the same for both companies. If you have a geographic location for where your site will be hosted, i.e. the location of the data center then you should know that HostGator vs. iPower operate in different states. iPower runs its data center in Arizona whereas HostGator operates out of Texas. Moreover, those interested in hosting their website with green hosting company, i.e. renewable energy, should be aware that neither HostGator nor iPower offer green hosting at this time. You can find green web hosting companies in our Green Hosting Showcase.

    Both HostGator and IPower are privately owned companies that claim to be profitable. For the latest hosting coupons for HostGator you can visit here, for the promo codes for iPower you can visit here.

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