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  • Content: HostGator Affiliate Program Review: Affiliates

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    Question from Mark in California about's affiliate marketing program: Is the HostGator affiliate program a good hosting referral program to join. What is your opinion of the HostGator affiliate program and how do I go about joining it?

    Our answer:'s affiliate program is a good web hosting affiliate program to join if you are a high-traffic website. The company has consistent payouts to their HostGator affiliates who promote the HostGator product line by placing affiliate links on their websites. After doing a HostGator affiliate program review one of the biggest advantages of the HostGator affiliate program that we found was the ability to sell a wide range of products, rather than just the single shared hosting account that some web hosts offer through their affiliate programs. For example, with the HostGator affiliate program, webmasters are able to earn commissions off of dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, and reseller hosting. The larger the product line the better the conversion rate for most site owners. Thus, with the spectrum of products that the HostGator affiliate program enables webmasters to earn commissions from the conversion rates for the affiliate program tend to be quite high.

    One of the disadvantages for affiliates is the tiered payout structure. The average commission for web hosting affiliate programs is $65 or higher, even with just a single sale per month volume. However, until you deliver six or more hosting account sales per month to HostGator, you will only earn $50 per sale. In contrast, if you sign up for a web hosting affiliate program with ThinkHost - click here for details - you will earn $100 per sale automatically rather than the $50 per sale with the HostGator affiliate programme. Now, once you deliver more than twenty sales per month through the affiliate program you will earn $125 on each of those sales. Thus, the affiliate program review reveals that this program is best suited for higher traffic websites that are likely to generate a significant amount of web hosting leads.

    In general, our opinion of the affiliate program is good. The conversion rate is strong and the company has a large selection of banners and button to use in marketing their products. Of course, as a web hosting affiliate program should be, the affiliate program is free to join and does not cost anything. You cannot however refer your own purchase through the affiliate program - that is not permitted. If you are looking to join the HostGator affiliate program, it is probably a wise decision. However, if your website is small or you are unsure how many hosting sales you will be able to generate, you might wish to consider the web hosting affiliate programs offered by hosts like ThinkHost or HostingZoom. The HostGator affiliate program is open to both US and International affiliates so no matter where your site is based, assuming legal content, you will be able to join the HostGator affiliate program. The HostGator hosting products are open to adult content websites - depending upon your views of this you may or may not wish to join the HostGator affiliate program. However, if you are looking for an adult web hosting affiliate program then joining the HostGator affiliate program will enable you to sell hosting products to this market.


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