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    Host Excellence User Reviews

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    Host Excellence User Feedback Summary

    HostExcellence recently relaunched a new website. They have updated their plans in April of 2009 to compete better with the overall web hosting industry. In this article, we have taken user and customer reviews on HostExcellence to produce this report outlining their web hosting packages. Our Host Excellence User Reviews and Host Excellence Customer Feedback are collected through So feel free to share your HostExcellence User Feedback on your web hosting experiences there so that we can expand the data set we use to generate our HostExcellence review. You can also vote good or bad for Host Excellence by using the Voting Booth.

    In general, HostExcellence user reviews and HostExcellence customer feedback have been quite positive. We have received 23 emails that vote HostExcellence as being a good web host and 5 emails that voted HostExcellence a bad web host. Keep in mind that any client feedback will have unique situations that drive their support or disagreement. However, the nearly 5:1 positive Host Excellence reviews ration is favorable. The HostExcellence user reviews that were positive were based upon the following three categories. The HostExcellence reviews that were poor are summarized near the bottom.

  • Host Excellence Reviews Point #1 - Host Excellence user reviews were very positive when it came to plan features. In particular, customers seem to give an excellent ranking to HostExcellence for the large quantities of both web space and bandwidth that they supply. Most HostExcellence review readers will find the unlimited web space and unlimited traffic to be great hosting value for the money. Their unlimited web space hosting plan is priced at just $5.95 per month and includes a free domain name. HostExcellence customer reviewers noted that the ability to get Linux (standard) server access or Windows for just $2 more per month, $7.95, was one of their best features. It is very rare to find Windows web hosting that offers unlimited Windows disk space and unlimited Windows 2003 bandwidth, most companies only offer a finite amount of service space in over at Windows hosting competitors.

  • Host Excellence User Review Point #2 - Many of the emails we received for HostExcellence User Reviews also went on to speak about the reliability and server uptime. HostExcellence uptime is very good. The free 24/7 technical support is always working to keep the hosting infrastructure and servers at HostExcellence up and running. Host Excellence guarantees that your website will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time during any 12-month period. Their guarantee includes network uptime, server uptime, web server and service uptime. HostExcellence uptime guarantee of 99.9% is competitive with the industry, although most web hosts do offer this level of uptime guarantee. While we appreciate that HostExcellence user reviews loved their guarantee policy, it is important not to think that 99.9% doesn't have some downtime happen. But at less than $7 a month, it is not realistic to ask for more than 99.9%. User reviews also outlined that their unlimited business plan came with a free website builder that people enjoyed. Moreover, HostExcellence control panel fans quite liked the control panel software that comes standard with all their web hosting plans. You can test drive their control panel by visiting here and scrolling down to the "Additional Features" area of the product page. Uptime is important to webmasters and developers, particularly if they are reselling web space and have clients complaining directly to them. Much of the positive feedback surrounding Host Excellence's uptime reviews came from this Internet-related community.

  • Host Excellence User Feedback Point #3 - User Feedback around their new website has been very positive. You can tell that the CEO of this web hosting company puts extra attention into the information he makes available. For instance, HostExcellence users have commented in their website reviews that they found the video testimonials and meet the staff sections of their website particularly helpful. HostExcellence user feedback has also gave HostExcellence overall ranking a boost because of their refund policy that the company has in place. HostExcellence is the first web hosting provider anywhere to offer an "Any-time Money Back Guarantee". Instead of just 30 days, they actually have a refund program should you become unhappy anytime during your hosting contract. Unlike bad web hosts who can't afford to offer such a service, the fact that HostExcellence can speaks very highly about their server uptime and general customer support levels.

  • Host Excellence Customer Feedback Point #4 - One item that HostExcellence customer feedback complained about was the pricing offered by HostExcellence. Though still good value for your dollar, the $5.95 price is higher than at some competitors, such as IX Web Hosting who offers a $3.95 web hosting package and at Host Monster who offers nearly the same feature set but at a lower $5.95 per month. While a couple dollars might not sound like much, if you pay for your web hosting on a two-year contract, that adds in an extra $24 a year, or $48 for a two-year period. This is a negative part of our HostExcellence review but does not in and of itself make HostExcellence a bad host. Monthly hosting costs under $10 a month are still very good and customers seem to be quite happy with the price they pay at this web host.

      Host Excellence Website Address -
      Host Excellence Web Hosting Plan Disk Space: Unlimited GB - A+
      HostExcellence Bandwidth Ranking : Unlimited GB - A+
      Cost per month (2-year term): $5.95/month - A
      Overall Ranking from Customer and User Feedback: 8.7 out of a possible 10.

    Is HostExcellence and IX Web Hosting the same company? Yes, Host Excellence and IX Web Hosting are owned by the same company. Although they operate as separate brands with separate offices, the common ownership and management would suggest that you get similar features. Thus if you believe the Host Excellence offering provides compelling value, you should consider the $3.95 IX Web Hosting plan since it offers the same product specs for a lower price. Both Host Excellence and IX Web Hosting are owned by Ecommerce, Inc., an Ohio corporation.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our Host Excellence Review. With your Host Excellence testimonials, we hope to make our guide even better so be sure to send us those comparison notes.

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