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  • Holiday Hosting Review

    How to Buy the Best Holiday Hosting Plans

    A holiday hosting question from Jim in Idaho: I'm looking for holiday hosting specials? Which holiday hosting packages do you recommend and can you help me review holiday web hosting provider sales?

    Sure. Let's start by quickly defining holiday web hosting. In general, holiday hosting means a web hosting account purchased around the holiday season for either personal or business use. The best advantage to buying holiday hosting is that the hosting packages are usually discounted or increased in features in order to attract holiday hosting shoppers. In general, holiday hosting coupons and promotions start around the 4th or 5th of December and carry through until the end of December.

    Cheap Holiday Hosting Sale
    Holiday Web Hosting just $9.95 - 20% Off

    When you buy a plan from a holiday web host the best holiday hosting can be tough to figure out. In particular, conducting a holiday hosting review can be very challenging since you will visit many web hosts who do not discount their services for the holidays. However, if you want to find the top holiday hosting you can use a hosting directory such as ours by asking free questions and then have us conduct the necessary research to provide you a list of the top holiday hosting providers. In general, most of the holiday hosting promos will more than be adequate for your personal or business website, but always double-check before purchasing your holiday hosting plan.

    Cheap Holiday Hosting Plans

  • HostGator - HostGator respresents one of the cheapest holiday hosting accounts because you can buy it month to month for just $9.95. They are currently offering a 20% discount with the code word "SNOWMAN" when you visit their website using this link. Click here to see holiday website hosting from HostGator.

  • ANHosting - ANHosting is currently running a holiday hosting sale that offers 500GB of web space and 5000GB of disk space for as low as $4.95 per month until December 26th. You can review this special holiday hosting deal by clicking here to review the holiday hosting plan for ANHosting

  • midPhase - midPhase offers a one-year hosting plan that is currently on promotion with holiday hosting pricing and account features. Their $6.95 per month holiday hosting promo comes with an enhanced unlimited amount of disk space and unlimited hosting account traffic. The company also donates money to a charity during their holiday web hosting special. Click here from more information.

    Thanks for your email on holiday web hosting purchases. We hope that this free holiday hosting guide was helpful in reviewing some of the web hosts currently offering holiday special pricing. If you have any further questions about holiday hosting recommendations, just contact us at

    This holiday hosting resource was originally written for the Christmas 2012 holiday hosting season.

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