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    How to Buy Web Hosting as a Christmas Present - December 2013

    User Question: I want to give the gift of web hosting? Where and how do I buy web hosting as a present for my son?

    Great Idea! Giving the gift of hosting for Christmas (or any time of year) is a perfect present for young and old alike. There are two key things you need to know about web hosting and Internet-gifts. The first is something called a domain name. Some people reading this page might want to give a domain name as a present by itself. This is also a good idea and you can. But generally, web hosting and domains come together (giving one without the other is somewhat like not including batteries). A domain name is a web address, e.g. When you buy web hosting to give as a gift or present, we have helped put together a shopping list of web hosts that will supply a free domain name. So not only will your loved one or friend get a web hosting account as a present, but they will also have their own website address to share with friends, post family pictures, start a blog and so on.

    So the process to give a gift of hosting as a present this Christmas is actually quite easy. Just buy a web hosting account and the web hosting provider will include a free domain name - as a present for you! Gifts of web hosting generally are sold in one year packages. One year hosting gifts get the best price and don't make the recipient pay too soon for hosting themselves. We recommend three web hosting packages, all are quite similar. In addition, all our hosting present recommendations come with a money back guarantee, so you have up to 30 days to cancel with a refund should the gift of hosting not please the person. To order, you will just need to click the Sign-Up Now or Buy Button depending on the web host. All the holiday web hosting promotions at our recommended web hosts are based in the USA. If you would like to buy a web hosting plan for a gift from a Canadian web host, we suggest Our list below is by state in case you want to buy your web hosting gift from a company closer to you.

    One more thing! Last-minute shoppers rejoice. It turns out that most web hosting companies now have instant set-up for web hosting gifts, so you'll be able to give the gift of web hosting as a present even if you are reading this guide on the 24th of December.

    Here are the Top 3 Web Hosts that we recommend for web hosting gifts/presents.

    #1 HostMonster - HostMonster offers a 2 year plan that costs $4.95 per month prepared. It will provide a full two years of gifted hosting with lots of web space and a FREE DOMAIN. For beginners it is a great gift since it includes a free web design program that lets novices create their own web site. For more information or to buy their hosting plan as a present - click here.Based in Utah.

    #2 HostGator - Don't want to pay upfront for a web hosting gift. You can buy a monthly website hosting plan from HostGator that comes with huge web space, free software, and full blog support for only $9.95. Buy a larger web hosting plan and you will even get a free .com domain name. Full support for International buyers and international domain names - payment accepted by both PayPal and most major credit cards. View the web hosting gifts available at HostGator by clicking here.

    #3 iPower Hosting Gifts - iPower offers a one year hosting plan for $95.52 or you can buy it for one month for just $9.95. The best benefit for people who buy this type of web hosting present is that it uses a Windows 2008 web server making it easy to use with your home computer and perfect for students and young people as a web hosting gift. Click here for iPower Holiday and Christmas web hosting gifts and present offers. Based in Phoenix, American consumers can buy web hosting that supports the economy or give web hosting as a gift to a non-profit.

    Web Hosting Present Buyers - Make them Smile with HostGator Web Hosting

    Cheap Hosting Gifts
    Give 1 Year of Web Hosting as a Gift - $83.40! wants to hear from you about your web hosting gift experience - be sure to send us feedback today. Your friend or relation can also visit us here at to learn more about their web hosting gift of hosting present including how to use their account. We have lots of web hosting resources to browse, so pls. include our web site address [] with your hosting holiday present!

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