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    What can I expect from the Reseller Review?

    News Flash: merges with Hostway User Email: What can I expect from the Reseller Web Hosting Program, can you give me a review on it?

    Our Answer: Sure. First, has a strong reputation as a whole. In fact, the regularly rank highly on our monthly Top 10 recommendation list. However, to be more specific, the Reseller Program, can be found by visiting their website - just click here. In our opinion, their are three ways to use to resell web hosting. The following is an overview and comparison of those three ways.

    The first method is to buy a reseller web hosting plan itself from The Reseller Program at ranks strongly in our reseller review because it allows for an easy way to resell. On one hand the discounts are not as aggressive as some other hosting providers offer within their reseller programs. However, the plans are all set-up for you and you simply need to take the discounted price and then you have a prepared web hosting account to offer your end customers. In short, makes it quick and easy. Also, they do not prohibit you, the "instant reseller", from increasing the plan price, so there isn't a limit in theory on how much you can make per account resold. Plus, also offers both an affiliate program and a referral program where less involved resellers can benefit through hosting resells.

    The second method of reselling web hosting provided by, is through VPS Hosting. In our review of reseller hosting options, this method ranks the best. starts their VPS Hosting plans at $29.95/month and it provides plenty of web space and bandwidth on which you can host clients by reselling space within your VPS plan. For instance, a number of's VPS web hosting plans offer up to 30 domains on a single VPS account. Clearly intends for you to be able to offer domain-based hosting to clients. Based on the VPS web hosting options that offers, our reseller hosting review on them figures you could host unique domains at for less than $2 per month - which leaves plenty of room to mark your services up.'s VPS U500 is ~ $50 and comes with 30 domains, which works out to less than $2 per domain.

    The final means by which reseller hosting can be achieved within is to use a dedicated server. In our Reseller review, this is the most expensive option per say, but you are getting a different level of great server capacity and more space than the other good options reviewed. In addition, this method will let you achieve the lowest cost per domain pricing structure, since you can buy unlimited domain licenses from for use on their dedicated servers. One caveat we should caution future resellers on - and this is by no means unique to - be careful with entry-level servers. Spend the extra money per month to buy the best dedicated server you can afford from Gate. The extra RAM and CPU power will enable your Plesk or Ensim control panel to run much more smoothly and this in turn will faciliate easier reseller hosting through a dedicated server.

    In conclusion, our Reseller Hosting review ranks highly. The greatest thing about this company is their ability to scale up a reseller very well. Starting with a low cost plan discount and migrating resellers through varied hosting product platforms - as their technical capabilities expand, resellers can ultimately end-up with multiple dedicated servers and achieve high volume and large scale reseller client bases without ever having to leave as a provider.

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