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  • Content: Compare versus A Feature vs. Feature Comparison of the Differences

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    Question from Bev in Rhode Island about Hostway vs. hosting: I was to compare vs. Hostway with the goal to make a hosting purchase from one of them. Do you recommend either or; compare the two for me, is Hostway better than Please help me with my Hostway review if you can.

    Our answer: Let us help you understand the core hosting plan differences between versus Hostway. Our Hostway comparison guide. This free report will help you compare, an Affinity Internet brand, to Hostway. Once you compare and Hostway you will be able to make a quicker and better web hosting decision. We've been helping web hosting buyers review affordable web hosting options since 1998 with our montly Top 10 web hosts. When we compare and Hostway, our host vs. host compare work reveals very similar - in fact, indentical, entry-level website hosting plans between Gate and Hostway. To start our review, please take a quick look at the key entry-level web hosting plan differences and similarities between the vs. Hostway plans. versus Hostway

    Cost per month: $9.95/month $13.95/month
    Free Domain No No
    Web Space 100 GB 100 GB
    Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
    Email Addresses 500 500
    # of Domain Names Supported: One One
    International Customer Support Yes Yes

    Having conducted a vs. Hostway review, provides the better choice than Hostway with their beginner MACH 1 hosting plan. When you contrast Hostway with, you see that you can buy the vs. Hostway account for about $4 less per month. New hosting buyers should be informed then when seeking user feedback and customer support for a Hostway StartLogic option that most of our users provide testimonials that suggest a good opinion about Hostway and Some user opinions about have been bad whereas Hostway has received just positive support. However, in aggregate, the custoemr feedback about Hostway have been positive for both providers. vs. Hostway are based in different cities if you are seeking to purchase locally Hostway is based in Chicago whereas is based in Florida. At the beginner or small business hosting level, Hostway and offer the exact same web hosting plan but you will save money if you buy over Hostway. In some ways, a purchase with vs. Hostway can be thought of as acting like Hostway coupons in discounting the price of 100 GB hosting package.

    Are and Hostway owned by the same company? Yes,,, Affinity Internet and Hostway Corporation are all the same company. and announced a merger in April 2007 - you can read the press release here. Since if you are doing a and Hostway review you are ultimately going to end up buying from the same company, you might as well go for the less expensive brand. The plan similarity between Hostway versus likely has to do with management at Hostway Corporation standardizing the first level hosting plan at their various brands.

    A comparison with Hostway shows substantial differences in cost when it comes to dedicated servers. If you want a cheap dedicated hosting provider from either or Hostway, delivers much lower cost. With, a dedicated server is priced from $69 a month vs. Hostway where dedicated servers are priced at $99 per month. Dedicated buyers looking to do a Hostway review should pay particular attention to the RAM they purchase in their dedicated server since, when combined with a control panel application like Plesk or Ensim, the available RAM can be rather low. Look for savings on dedicated servers by visiting the Dedicated Server Showcase. If you can't decide between vs. Hostway for dedicated hosting, you can also compare - the other large Hostway brand.

    If you are reviewing and for the purchase of Windows hosting; the price differences are also substantial. offers Windows hosting from $9.95 per month but with Hostway their cheapest Windows plan is $17.95 per month. With Windows hosting between vs. Hostway, Hostway compares price rise at nearly 80% higher. We think that if you can buy cheaper hosting from, and is owned by Hostway, then is better than Hostway for cost-conscious hosting buyers.

    Thanks for your question on asking us to do a Gate .com versus Hostway .com hosting comparison. Hopefully this information has been helpful to you in saving money on purchasing your web hosting. If you have any comments from your own Hostway review do not hesitate to send them to us at

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