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    Getting a Free 30-Day VPS Hosting Trial

    Virtual Private Server question from Mark in Miami: Can you get a VPS free trial hosting account anywhere?

    Our Answer: It is possible to get a VPS Hosting free trial but accomplishing that is somewhat challenging. The most popular reason for a Free VPS hosting trial is to enable you to test-out a particular VPS web host and see whether their virtual private servers are good for your needs. They key then to finding a free trial VPS package is to locate the best VPS free trial for your needs. This sounds easy enough but the key to actually succeeding in getting a VPS hosting free trial is to take advantage of 30-day refund policies. We found two VPS web hosts that offer 30-day refunds on their VPS server plans. If you cancel within the first 30 days of "buying" their VPS servers they will refund your fees paid. Thus, you are in essence getting a VPS free trial. The first Free VPS hosting trial recommendation is StartLogic - which offers Linux VPS accounts starting at $29.95/month. The second VPS web hosting free trial suggestion is that of iPower. iPower offers rock-solid cheap Windows 2003 virtual private servers starting at $49/month.

    Keep in mind that if you buy one providers VPS free trial and then cancel, you can always move along to another cheap VPS free trial product. In essence, if you really are seeking a free trial VPS account, more than one web host will supply this to you each 30-day period. However, the headaches of transfering your VPS site will eventually add up and you will simply want to stay with one of the cheap VPS plans you've tried out for free. We wish you good luck on using this low cost strategy to try out VPS hosting for free. This article is an exclusive trial VPS resource written for our VPS web hosting directory in 2009.

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