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    Our Free Guide to Choosing a Forum Hosting Reseller Program

    Forum Hosting Resellers: Click here for Cheap Forum Hosting Reseller Packages!

    Unlimited Forum Reseller Hosting Accounts - Free Subdomains - HostMonster MySQL Forum Hosting with unlimited subdomains!

    Forum Hosting Reseller Question from Debbie in Toronto: - Where can I become a forum hosting reseller?

    Forum Hosting Reseller Answer: - The first step to becoming a forum hosting reseller is to determine what type of forum hosting do you want to offer. There are both Windows and Linux forum hosting reseller opportunities. The best forum web hosting reseller program is a Linux one run through HostMonster. Their $5.95 a month forum hosting reseller plan allows you to host unlimited domains in a single account! With unlimited domains, you could resell unlimited forums. When thinking about becoming a forum hosting reseller, you will need to pay close attention to plan pricing (to ensure adequate profits), server uptime guarantees (if your clients go down, you will hear about it first) and of course, ensure that the software licenses provided by your web host permits you to resell the supplied forum software. In addition, HostMonster is a popular forum hosting service, which is encouraging since you will be able to resell domains under it.

    Another way to become a forum hosting reseller is to buy bulletin board software licenses in bulk, from say Jelsoft and then purchase a dedicated server on which to run them. Then you can sell monthly hosting plans, using a 1-time license cost to multiple clients on a single low-cost dedicated server.

    In conclusion, we believe the best fourm hosting reseller program is to choose HostMonster. They make the whole process simpler and easier. Plus, the profit margins with their unlimited domain forum hosting plan are likely to be much better. In addition, once you are a client of a particular forum hosting reseller web host, there should never be a fee to join their reseller program. If you cannot find a free forum hosting reseller program at your selected web host, then consider going elsewhere to find another cheap forum hosting reseller server.

    Best Forum Hosting Reseller Plan
    Cheap Forum Hosting Reseller Packages

    If you are looking to become a forum hosting reseller you should explore contract lenghts for your hosting company. For example, you can buy a $5.95 unlimited domain hosting plan if you purchase your forum hosting on a multi-year basis. Note: this forum hosting account is currently on sale. Be careful you don't sign up with a bad forum hosting service since you would then be locked in. However, as long as you can get a 30-day money back guarantee you will have a month to test out their forum hosting reseller services and determine whether you have selected a good forum hosting reseller provider.

    If your own forum hosting reseller search has turned up a good or bad forum hosting reseller provider - or if you think you've found the best forum hosting reseller account somewhere (other than our top ranked reseller forum hosting program recommendation), be sure to send us an email to let us know.

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