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    How to Find 100GB + of Disc Space Web Hosting for Less

    Manfred in Canada writes us: I have a large number of files I need hosted with a massive disc space web hosting provider. What disc space web hosting options do you recommend for me?

    Our Disc Space Web Host Response: Thanks for your submitted question on finding the best disc space web host. In order to find the best disc space web hosting your first step should be to carefully determine your needs. There are four categories of popular disc space hosting at the moment. They are 100gb disc space web hosting, 200gb disc space web hosting, 300gb disc space web hosting, and finally unlimited disc space web hosting. Now, the price point for each of these plans will vary and the hosting marketplace is segmented into different customers who choose these various disc space hosting providers based on their needs. In general, the lower disc space plans (e.g. the 100gb's) can be found cheaper and with less long-term committment. To get the unlimited disc space hosting packages you need to buy for at least a year in advance. After this first step in your disc space web hosting review, the next question to ask is your bandwidth or traffic needs. Each gb you store on an shared web server will use traffic when accessed over the Internet. Carefully compare your disc space requirements to the amount of traffic a particular disc space web host supplier offers. Never buy disc space hosting that does not include with the website hosting package a full 30-day refund period. The top disc space web hosts all offer this as a standard (we have displayed the top disc space web hosting companies that our readers like below). You want the ability to buy, try, and change your mind - a disc space plan cancellation option provides this. Finally, finding cheap disc space hosting is always a better option than looking for free disc space web hosting. Free disc space web hosting is known to contain viruses, have server outages, and implement hidden bandwidth fees. It is much better to spend a few dollars per month, such as the below low cost disc space web hosts, and get a reliable high-quality commercial solution. In addition, these shared disc space web hosting companies usually offer great side benefits such as free domain names and free software, like web design programs.

    Large Disc Space Web Hosts with High Bandwidth & Traffic Allowances

    300GB Disc Space Web Hosting Provider #1 - HostMonster - Most Popular 300GB Recommendation
    300GB Disc Space Web Hosting: 300 GB
    300GB Disc Space Account Bandwidth: 3,000 GB
    300GB Disc Space Hosted Server Pricing: $4.95/month
    300GB Web Host Account 1 Term Price: $6.95/month
    Extra Features: Free Website Builder included at no extra cost!

    200GB Disc Space Web Hosting - BlueHost
    Cheap 200GB Disc Space Hosting Plan: 200 GB
    Inexpensive 200 GB Hosted Disc Space Traffic Allownace: 2,000 GB
    Lowest Price (2-year term): $4.95/month
    Best Price (annual term): $6.95/month

    100GB Disc Space Web Hosting Service - midPhase
    100GB Disc Space Web Hosting: 100 GB
    100GB Web Hosting Bandwidth: 1,000 GB
    Disc Space Web Server Pricing: $2.95/month
    Unique Feature: Month-to-Month contracts - No commitment from this web host, just a $8.95 charge to get you started and $8.95 per month thereafter, cancel anytime.

    Unlimited Disc Space Web Hosting Solution - HostExcellence
    Unlimited Disc Space Reviewed Offer: Unlimited GB Storage Space
    Unlimited Web Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited Bandwidth
    Unlimited Disc Space Web Server Pricing: $5.95/month
    Unique Features: Unlimited Parked Domains - Large bandwith & unlimited disc space is great for hosting multiple web sites and multiple domain names.

    Cheap No Limit GB Disc Space Web Hosting
    Cheap No Limit GB Disc Space Web Hosting

    We would also give you a few other important pieces of advice when researching for a top quality disc space host for your large server hosting needs. One of the quickest ways to judge a disc space web service is to look at their client count. Each of the above cheap disc space hosts has 10,000 or more customers. When a disc space provider has lots of customers you can be sure others have chosen the company because their service offerings are good. Also, remember to determine what platform you are looking for disc space hosting on. Windows disc space web hosting from companies like HostExcellence tends to be more expensive than Linux disc space web hosting, but you may find that Linux disc space hosting does not support the same technology software as the Windows disc space hosting companies can. In general, if you don't know you need Windows-based hosting, then you are probably find to go with the cheapest disc space web host - which will likely be Linux based.

    If you are interested in using your disc space to resell web hosting to other people then consider the midPhase's Reseller Plan. It will let you host unlimited websites for only $8.95 billed monthly. You can also visit our Linux Hosting Showcase to see other disc space hosting companies that we recommend. Further disk space hosting questions about finding the right disc space company and how you can lower your monthly costs to do so can be sent to us at

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