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    How to Find UK Dedicated Servers & Dedicated Web Hosting

    By Staff Writer

    Why go elsewhere? That's what more UK small and medium business buyers of dedicated servers are saying. With plenty of UK-based web hosting companies that offer award-winning dedicated server offerings, the need to host abroad is much lower today than ever before.

    So what should you really be looking for in a United Kingdom web hosting provider that sells dedicated servers?

    #1 Where are your Dedicated Servers? Many companies - even those that operate as a PLC, colocate their servers elsewhere. By this we mean outside the UK. If you are looking for a UK Dedicated Server, then be sure its going to be located in the UK. Ask your web host where their data centre is based. A true UK-based web host might even offer to bring you into its data centre for a tour.

    #2 Consider a London-based Dedicated Server company. With BT having incredible bandwidth in the City, buyers of dedicated servers will probably receive better server performance if they are located a) where more people are accessing your site, thus bringing your content closer to the end user, and b) being located in a competitive market is likely to deliver better UK dedicated server pricing.

    #3 Ask about UK Dedicated Server Awards - Many UK-based web hosting providers have won awards for their UK web hosting services. If you want to find a leading provider of UK Dedicated Servers or UK Managed Hosting, then find a company that receives recognition from the industry. Chances are your hosting experience will be more pleasant.

    Your first UK dedicated server resource spot to check should be our Dedicated Server Showcase

    . Go ahead, click on it - the page will open in a new window making it easy for you to browse and compare UK dedicated server companies. also recommends a few particular web hosts that offer UK Dedicated Servers. These companies have received considerable positive user feedback about their dedicated web hosting options, so we've elected to bring them to your attention (please note that this list is not a ranking).

    Want more UK dedicated server companies? Try our Best Dedicated Hosting Showcase.

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