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    How do I buy Dedicated Server Hosting for my Riyadh Real Estate Company?

    Need dedicated server website hosting in Riyadh? Check out our Dedicated Server Showcase - click here or the Linux Hosting Showcase for shared Riyadh website hosts.

    User email about finding Riyadh dedicated servers from Farid in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: We run a property business that needs managed hosting services in Riyadh. I would like to find Dedicated Server Riyadh Hosting with a Saudi Arabian dedicated hosting company? Kindly help me find a cheap dedicated server provider for my Riyadh business. response : Finding dedicated server hosting in Riyadh is easier once you know how to compare Riyadh web hosts. You need to know that there are two ways to obtain dedicated server Riyadh hosting. The first is to use a Riyadh, Saudi Arabia web hosting provider for your business that is physically based in Riyadh itself. This will tend to be more expensive than choosing to host outside Riyadh, but you can obtain local Riyadh-based technical support services. If you have a larger hosting budget and can afford a Riyadh dedicated server physically based in a Riyadh data center with local telecom links, we suggest you try Saudi Telecom. This Riyadh-based dedicated server and managed hosting vendor offers top-quality Riyadh dedicated servers for both businesses and personal use. They also can arrange shared hosting for most .sa domain names.

    But here's a tip to buy cheaper dedicated servers and web hosting for Riyadh businesses and residents. Few people know that there is a much less expensive way to get Dedicated Server Riyadh Hosting or Shared Riyadh Hosting by considering a dedicated server hosted elsewhere (i.e. accessible from Riyadh, but not located physically in Middle East). From a server administration and speed of access standpoint, you will likely get the same quality and results but your monthly costs will be substantially lower. For instance, both SingleHop and HostGator offer low cost dedicated servers for Riyadh buyers that start at less than $200 a month. In addition, by purchasing a Riyadh dedicated hosting solution from a dedicated web host provider you can take advantage of a weak US dollar to lower your website hosting costs. We recommend HostGator Dedicated Servers for all Dedicated Server Riyadh Web Hosting buyers since when you compare their dedicated server plans against those offered by local companies you can literally save hundreds of dollars a month to host your online ecommerce store.

    Riyadh Dedicated Servers for Saudi Businesses from $99 a month!

    One other thing you really still need to consider is whether your business requires a dedicated server at all. Many Riyadh small businesses once thought that dedicated hosting was the only route for the SME market. However, some shared hosting solutions are now so robust that they provide sufficient power at just a fraction of the price. For example, compare the product feature specs with your proposed Riyadh dedicated server plan to the shared hosting packages offered by HostMonster and BlueHost. Both of these reliable hosts offer full ecommerce-enabled website hosting that might meet your needs yet cost less than $10 a month!

    Finally, you could choose to host your own dedicated server in-house. If you arrange to have an Internet connection brought in by a regional telecom company (like Saudi Telecom) to your offices and then set-up your own dedicated server and host it in-house. In essence, you will be creating a one dedicated server internet data center. However, this type of dedicated server Riyadh hosting is going to cost you more than just buying a Riyadh dedicated server from a specialized dedicated hosting company. There are many small businesses who feel that doing their IT infrastructure in-house for Riyadh-based dedicated server companies will be the least expensive solution. However, your ability to grow your website through Riyadh managed hosting services such as firewalls, VPN's, etc. will be really hindered. Good managed hosting for Riyadh businesses requires excellent IT staff and outsourced Riyadh managed hosting services will deliver a less expensive and broader technology solution set than attempting to do it within your company.

    If you have any questions about Dedicated Server Riyadh hosting, you should not hesitate to call and speak to the web hosts that you are considering. If you are going to pay more than $100 a month, there should be a reason for those extra managed hosting costs. Otherwise, you are likely spending money for Riyadh Dedicated Server Web Hosting that you need not spend. So consider in your Dedicated Server Riyadh Hosting review other international hosting companies such as HostGator and SingleHop you will likely save some considerable money versus purchasing a server or colocation at a Riyadh Internet data center. At the very least, show the Riyadh-based managed hosting business provider that you are considering selecting, quotes from non-Riyadh dedicated server companies, and you may get a price discount or price-match locally. You will also need to consider whether you want a Riyadh Windows Dedicated Server or a Linux Dedicated Server depending upon the technologies that your website requires you to run.

    If you still need help finding managed hosting in Riyadh or dedicated servers hosting in Riyadh you can email us at and we will do our best to further help in your managed hosting/dedicated hosting review.

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