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  • Chicago Dedicated Server Comparison

    How to Review Chicago Dedicated Servers

    Compare Chicago Dedicated Servers from $139 a month - Visit to compare Chicago Dedicated Server Providers & their IDC's -

    Dedicated Server Hosting from Chicago's #1 Web Host - Try Chicago Dedicated Servers by midPhase

    Ambrece in Chicago, IL writes us: I'm looking for Chicago dedicated servers from Chicago-area web hosts. What Chicago dedicated hosting recommendations do you have for my website? Second, which dedicated server Chicago providers actually have offices in Chicago?

    Our response on your Chicago Dedicated Server question: It is important to observe that many Chicago Dedicated Server providers do not operate their own Chicago dedicated servers facilities within city-limits. They use IDC's located elsewhere, usually out of state. This is not the case for a select group of Chicago-based web hosts who actually own and operate their own IDC's within downtown Chicago IDC buildings and deliver Chicago dedicated servers solutions from those data centers. In our opinion, midPhase operates the best Chicago IDC and hosts hundreds Chicago dedicated server customers through that Internet hosting center. They are a national web hosting leader based in downtown Chicago that has consistently ranked as one of the best Chicago dedicated server providers. Since you are looking for a reliable Chicago dedicated server hosting provider for your website, we would strongly suggest that you take our dedicated server Chicago recommendation and give Hostway's website, click here, a visit. We're not sure whether your dedicated server Chicago needs are for Linux dedicated hosting or Windows managed hosting, but midPhase offers both Linux Dedicated servers and Windows dedicated servers all hosted at reasonable prices in their Chicago IDC.

    In addition to Chicago dedicated servers being competitively priced, thanks to large web hosting companies like midPhase and AN Hosting being based in Chicago, you can find some excellent plan features. In terms of dedicated servers, there are opportunities to custom build your software needs, for example Plesk or Virtual Private Servers, depending upon your needs. So before you contact a Chicago managed hosting company, you should prepare a very specific list. Since managed hosting in Chicago is usually priced or quoted on a custom basis, you will need to have a specific list of Chicago managed web hosting requirements before contacting a local Chicago dedicated host. Keep in mind that prices for a Chicago managed web hosting provider will vary, but you should on average not expect to exceed $500 a month for initial managed hosting, unless you have extensive security or complex hosting needs. Obviously Chicago dedicated servers are a more expensive investment than inexpensive dedicated server substitutes like shared hosting. For small to medium businesses you may find shared hosting, such as the $6.95/month Linux hosting plan offered by Chicago's ANHosting to be more than adequate to meet your expansive hosting needs. Be sure to consider alternatives to Chicago dedicated hosting such as low cost shared hosting before you jump right in and spend the big bucks on managed hosting within a Chicago, Illinois IDC.

    One way to lower your monthly dedicated server expenses in Chicago, is to bring a price quote for an outside city to a Chicago managed hosting provider like midPhase. Chances are that their prices might be competitive anyways, but it never hurts to price quote and then see if the local web host will match that price. Another money saving tip when buying dedicated servers in Chicago is to consider having an out of state division or employee of your company make the purchase. This way the web host is selling out of state and billing a customer outside of Illinois which can save you significant monthly taxes on your Chicago managed hosting expenses. Our third tip when you want to purchase or compare Chicago dedicated servers is to price out Chicago dedicated servers on a managed and unmanaged basis. While some enterprise customers will prefer the extensive technical support that accompanies fully managed hosting from a Chicago web host, others may find that buy purchasing an unmanaged web server they can save recurring costs with some simple technical learning given that electronic manuals and help guides are often included with standalone Chicago dedicated server plans. Adding various levels of technical support above and beyond that basic level associated with entry-level Chicago dedicated servers will likely add hundreds of dollars per month to a Chicago managed hosting bill. Our fourth tip for Managed hosting in Chicago is to actually visit the web host in person. Initially you may find that Chicago managed hosting reviews are best conducted by visiting the varies Chicago managed web host providers websites. This is true. But there is no substitute, particularly if your company will be spending thousands of dollars per month for access to a premium Chicago IDC for managed hosting purposes to actually visiting the Internet Data Center where your web servers will be either colocated or hosted. Companies like midPhase (midPhase is owned by parent company Hosting Services Inc.) can arranged private tours of their IDC for high-value managed hosting customers, and if you qualify we encourage you to make a personal visit part of your Chicago managed hosting analysis and review process. Finally, a way to save money on a good dedicated server Chicago purchase is to ask the Chicago dedicated server company about their client base. One of the most unknown yet common mistakes in buying Chicago dedicated servers is to buy from a startup web host. The monthly savings on your Chicago dedicated hosting sounds appealing, however, what happens if your Chicago dedicated hosting goes black because the Chicago web servers are turned off, e.g. the host goes bankrupt. By investing the Chicago dedicated hosting providers reputation and customer base you can gain some sense as to their profitability and viability, which makes a Chicago dedicated hosting decision much more solid in the long-run. Dedicated hosting in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois must include both short-term and long-term consideration factors in the dedicated server comparison.

    Unlimited Chicago Dedicated Web Hosting
    Dedicated Hosting in Chicago for Top Ranked Chicago Dedicated Servers Clients

    #1 Chicago Dedicated Web Host - midPhase
    Best Chicago Managed Hosting Rank: Chicago Dedicated Servers priced from: The Best Chicago Dedicated Servers Uptime Guarantee: Offers both Windows and Linux Dedicated Hosting: Monthly Dedicated Server Prices start at:
    #1 midPhase Yes Yes $139/mo.
    Web Hosting Review : Looking for affordable dedicated servers Chicago IDC? midPhase is known for providing excellent dedicated servers in Chicago plus top-quality reliable Chicago managed hosting solutions. With the largest Internet Data Center in Chicago, midPhase should be at the top of every Chicago business research list for those who want a Chicago hosted dedicated web server. Their Chicago IDC is located at 223 W. Jackson Blvd. with all Chicago dedicated servers being hosted in their IDC facility is in the heart of downtown Chicago. IDC tours are available through their website.
    Find Dedicated Web Hosting in Chicago

    Thanks for your question on finding the best Chicago managed web hosting. Hopefully our free Chicago managed hosting advice has enable you to find a cheap dedicated server within the greater Chicago boundaries for your website. If you have a follow-on question about any Chicago dedicated website hosting related topic, do not hesitate to contact us at Other Chicago dedicated servers for comparison can include HostGator and SingleHop.

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