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    Cheap Reseller Web Hosting Industry Changes

    User Question: Where can I buy Cheap Reseller Hosting and what hosting industry changes surrounding Cheap Reseller Web Hosting have taken place this year?

    Cheap Reseller Hosting can be bought at a variety of cheap reseller web site hosting providers. We recommend that you find cheap reseller hosting that costs less than $10/month. One of the biggest changes to the cheap reseller hosting space has been the evolution of cheap domain reseller web hosting accounts which provide enough space and bandwidth, plus the ability to host multiple domains, to let you become a cheap reseller web hosting provider without spending much or even buying a traditional reseller hosting package. In fact, in our humble opinion, some of the best cheap reseller hosting is simply a multi-domain hosting reseller account which lets you obtain cheap reseller web hosting space as part of your normal web hosting. Most cheap reseller web hosting plans these days are run on Linux servers. This is great for your customers - since Cheap Linux hosting reseller servers are most stable. It is also great for you because cheap reseller web site hosting is usually cheapest when offered on Linux or UNIX machines (vs. Windows). Every month, we review hundreds of cheap reseller web hosting companies to come up with our Top 3 Cheap Reseller Hosting Package. Here our the Cheap Reseller Web Hosts we recommend:

    #1 Highest Ranked Cheap Reseller Hosting Provider
    HostMonster - Reason: Host Unlimited Cheap Domain Reseller Web Hosting

    Best Cheap Reseller Web Hosting - $5.95/mo. - Click Here
    Best Cheap Reseller Web Hosting - $5.95/mo. - Click Here

    #2 Top Ranked Cheap Reseller Hosting Provider
    HostGator - Reason: Cheap Linux Hosting Reseller Opportunities

    Cheap Linux Hosting Reseller Opportunities
    Host Unlimited Websites for just $6.95/mo.

    #3 Highest Ranked Cheap Reseller Hosting Provider
    IX Web Hosting - Reason: Amazing hosting packages with tons of space, bandwidth and subdomains.

    Lowest Cost Reseller Web Hosting Offer!
    Lowest Cost Reseller Web Hosting Offer - starting at $3.95/month

    Cheap reseller hosting buyers might also wish to consider going with a dedicated server. These can be much more expensive though, usually $70-80/month and up. With the recent industry change to Linux servers, cheap reseller hosting is now much more reliable than ever before and buyers will likely find shared hosting accounts to have almost just as much uptime as a cheap reseller dedicated hosting plan. However, you will be able to host more websites using a dedicated server for cheap reseller web site hosting but there are upfront costs associated with this approach. With shared hosting accounts that permit multiple domains, and provide lots of space and bandwidth, you can enter the hosting industry with much less money.

    Cheap Hosting Reseller programs can also take alternative forms. For instance, you might find a cheap hosting reseller program that provides an affiliate payment for each cheap hosting reseller program resold. On the other hand, a cheap hosting reseller program might take the form of free hosting in exchange for referred customers. At the end of your cheap reseller hosting search you should decide what it is that you want out of joining a cheap hosting reseller program. Then find the cheap hosting reseller program with the features that best match your cheap hosting reseller account needs.

    Cheap Domain Reseller Programs are also popular with new and experienced hosting resellers. The trick to finding a great cheap domain reseller program is to select a web host which permits you to host an unlimited number of domain names on a single hosting package. Doing this will allow you to maximize your potential domain reselling profits by helping you to avoid purchasing separate accounts for each domain name. Keep in mind that most web hosts will charge for the domain names, so you will want to decide where you buy your domains from. Just because you buy a cheap domain reseller hosting program from a web host does not mean you can't order your domain names elsewhere - if you can get a lower priced offer. You will simply them set your web host as the name servers, and domains purchased at a different registrar will work perfectly with your cheap domain reseller program.. HostMonster offers a free domain name and has unlimited domains with each hosting package - we recommend trying them. wants to hear from you about your Cheap Reseller Hosting experiences - be sure to send us feedback today. Cheap Reseller Web Hosting experiences that were awful are also sought since our users often want to know what cheap linux reseller web hosts to avoid. Help others avoid bad reseller web hosts by passing along this URL link.

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