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    Where to Buy Cheap No Contract Hosting with Instant Setup User Email from Bob in Midland, MI: I'm trying to find cheap no contract hosting for a website of mine. Could you recommend some cheap no contract hosting companies and explain to me why finding a cheap no contract hosting service is so darn difficult?'s answer concerning contract free hosting: First, we share your frustration around finding cheap no contract web hosting. In recent years, many of the fastest growing web hosts, who used to offer monthly hosting plans, have done away with them in lieu of annual hosting packages making a cheap no contract hosting service more challenging to find. They have moved to annual plans in order to save customers money since one of the largest barriers to offering a cheap no contract linux hosting plan is the administration surrounding account such as billing. By billing less frequency, these really low cost hosts can make the monthly equivalent fee lower. That said, many people, such as yourself, are still in the market to located a cheap no contract web host. Now that you've found this free article about no contract hosting and the companies listed in our cheap no contract hosting directory article, your search will soon be over.

    Cheap No Contract Hosting Provided by the #1 Top Ranked Web Host for 2009: HostGator

    The best part about select a cheap no contract hosting provider is that your upfront hosting expense is minimized. This makes cheap no contract web hosting great for those unsure about a particular provider and also those who have short-term web hosting needs. Given that you can now get started with instant account activation with a cheap no contract web host for less than $25, you shouldn't spend a great deal of time evaluating web hosts themselves. That said, there are a couple of important aspects to look for in advance of selecting a cheap no contract hosting service. First, even though there is no long-term contract, a cheap no contract hosting service should still offer a 30-day refund period. While you may need to forfeit setup fees paid with a really cheap no contract web hosting plan, the monthly fee itself should be refundable if you are not happy with the hosting product. Second, make sure that your cheap no contract web hosting company still offers a competitive plan. There is no legitimate reason to accept less than the standard allocations of web space (industry standard is 300GB +) or bandwidth (standard is 3000GB+) simply because you are not ready for a longer term commitment. However, in general, the flexibility of contract free hosting means you can save personal effort during your cheap no contract hosting review since you can always switch hosts next month. If you want to see some of our top monthly web hosts, offering both contract and no contract hosting, visit our Top 10 list.

    One thing that anyone who wants to buy cheap no contract hosting will need to contend with is modest setup fees. Because a cheap no contract hosting customer has no long term indications or commitments with a web host, the company generally charges a modest, say $15-25 fee, to cover the account setup and staff account setup costs. Most Linux hosts offer free instant setup, so this fee is for the administration aspect of your client account with a host. Commitment free hosting customers can usually lower the monthly pricing for their cheap no contract hosting plan if and when they elect to convert their existing account into an annual or bi-annual package. Simply call your web host and indicate that you are satisfied with the level of hosting solutions provided and that you are ready to convert your cheap no contract monthly hosting plan into a longer-term contract in exchange for a lower price.

    Here is our Top Cheap No Contract Hosting Recommendation:

    Best Cheap No Contract Web Hosting Provider- HostGator
    Cheap No Contract Web Space Hosting:Unlimited GB
    Bandwidth included in their very inexpensive no contract website hosting package : Unlimited GB
    Cheap no-contract monthly hosting prices: $4.95/month

    In addition to HostGator, several other high-quality hosting services offer monthly hosting plans, with no contract required. These companies are: StartLogic (offers a cheap month to month Windows hosting account for $9.95), HostMonster, and BlueHost. If you do not feel that HostGatorwill meet your needs, you should certainly include these other budget hosts in your cheap no contract hosting review. On final tip concerning cheap no contract web hosting is that you should review the final price at the order form; in general the first and lowest price you see on the given hosts product page is their lowest price. This is not usually the cheapest no contract hosting plan cost, generally the no contract version will be about $3-5 higher. Thus, check out the order form pricing and option you select to ensure that you have indeed correctly chosen a no contract, month to month website hosting plan.

    Thanks again for your question about finding a very cheap + no contract website hosting company. We hope that our complimentary hosting answer and pair of recommendations will assist you in selecting a good no contract web host at the cheapest possible month to month hosting plan.

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