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  • Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting Report's Guide to Finding a Cheap DotNetNuke Web Hosting Provider

    Ryan in Chicago writes, "My small business needs cheap DotNetNuke hosting, so where can I purchase the cheapest DotNetNuke Web Hosting around?"

    Our Answer: Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting is here with force. Linux hosting users had the long time benefit of cheap DotNetNuke Hosting shoppers since competition in their space delivered low cost hosting plans. But now the price competition has caught up in the Windows hosting space. Whereas cheap DotNetNuke hosting plans used to run more than $20/month, the newest batch of low cost web hosting providers have brought out cheap DotNetNuke web hosting plans for under $10/month. In general, you will need to purchase annually to get the cheapest DotNetNuke web hosting, but the savings are great. If you can get a 50% cost savings over your current DotNetNuke hosting plan, that's like a 100% return on your money. So is cheap DotNetNuke hosting worth looking into? Yes, we think so.

    So what should you, as a Cheap DotNetNuke hosting shopper, be looking for? First, check to make sure the plan you are buying is Windows based. Second, the DotNetNuke web host should be willing to offer you a full 30 day money back guarantee. Just because their Windows hosting accounts offer Cheap DotNetNuke hosting doesn't guarantee you will be happy. With the ability to cancel, you can buy their cheap DotNetNuke web hosting plan with more assurance. Third, what other types of services do you want to buy alongside your cheap DotNetNuke web hosting. Cheap DotNetNuke hosting is the most important part of your decision, but do you also want search engine promotion credits, logo design services. Some web hosts will offer you the ability to add extra services into your cheap DotNetNuke hosting plan, consider them.

    Here are our the Top 3 Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting Recommendation:

    Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting Provider #1 - IX Web Hosting
    Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting Web Space:Unlimited GB
    Cheap DotNetNuke Hoster Bandwidth : Unlimited GB
    2 Year DotNetNuke Hosting Cost: $8.95/month
    1 Year Hosting Cost: $9.95/month
    Good DotNetNuke Plan Name: Business Plus

    Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting Best Provider #2 - Easy CGI
    Best Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting Space: 300 GB
    Great Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting Bandwidth: 3,500 GB
    Monthly DotNetNuke Hosting Fee: $9.95/month
    1 Year Hosting Cost: $7.96/month
    Cheap DotNetNuke Web Hosting Server Environment: Windows 2003

    Cheap DotNetNuke Web Hosting #3 - StartLogic
    Cheap DotNetNuke Web Hosting Space: 100 GB
    Cheap DotNetNuke Web Hosting Bandwidth: 1000 GB
    Annual Hosting Cost: $9.95/month
    2 Year Hosting Cost: $8.95/month
    Cheap DotNetNuke Web Hosting Provider Plan Name: WindowsLogic

    One of the challengings about reporting on the DotNetNuke hosting space is that plans are evolving quickly. As such, if you find a cheaper DotNetNuke hosting plan than the ones featured above - especially if it has the best account features, please let us know. Our monthly top recommendations for cheap DotNetNuke hosting is reviewed monthly, so we consider your feedback for next month's evaluation. Feedback about all matters pertaining to DotNetNuke hosting (good, bad, or awful) can be sent to

    $9.95/month Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting by IX Web Hosting
    $9.95/month Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting by IX Web Hosting.

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