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    Our Cheap cPanel Web Hosting Recommendations

    Cheap cPanel Hosting - Lowest Price, Best Features - $6.95/month

    Cheap cPanel Hosting by HostMonster Cheap cPanel Web Hosting with Free Domain Cheap cPanel Hosting - $4.95/mo - Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth HostGator cPanel Hosting from $4.95/month.

    Need cheap cPanel Hosting? If so, we have searched our directory to find out some cheap cPanel hosting options for your cPanel web hosting requirements. What criteria did we use? Price - to be cheap cPanel hosting the plans had to be under $10 a month. Reputation - a cheap cPanel Hosting recommendation should only review credible web hosts, no web host qualified unless they had at least 20,000+ customers. Uptime Guarantee - Each cheap cPanel web host had to guarantee 99.9% uptime - plus a 30-day money back guarantee - or we did not find their reliability to be good.

    Our cheap cPanel hosting review came up with two web hosting options:

    HostMonster - HostMonster offers cheap cPanel hosting and is our best cheap cPanel hosting suggestion. This hosting provider's cheap cPanel hosting plan really is the cheapest in terms of monthly pricing and HostMonster's cheap cPanel hosting platform delivers massive web space and traffic account features that high-traffic websites and demanding webmasters have come to expect in the best cheap cPanel hosting packages. Once you visit their website, you will see that they provide a free online demonstration of the control panel, which is great since webmasters can ensure that the features they need are present. Cheap cPanel hosting plan features are the top and best in the hosting industry. They provide unlimited cPanel webspace and unlimited cPanel bandwidth - plus the latest cPanel control panel version - within the basic $6.95/month cheap cPanel web hosting package; on sale today for $5.95/mo.

    HostGator - HostGator was the second recommendation we found. Even less expensive than HostMonster but with less web space and bandwidth, we still included their cheap cPanel hosting account since it was better than most inexpensive cPanel web hosts. HostGator is particularly popular with resellers who might want a cheap cPanel hosting account for reseller purposes. Their entry-level Hatchling account comes with unlimited cPanel storage space and unlimited web traffic. Pricing is as low as $4.95/month. Visit HostGator

    Cheap cPanel Web Hosting with the Power to Host Unlimited Websites - Only $7.95/month

    You might ask what its so important to find cheap cPanel hosting? Well, cheap cPanel hosting is important for four primary reasons. The first supplier reason why great yet cheap cPanel hosting should be sought is that cPanel pricing can vary across providers and cPanel vendors. By finding a low cost cPanel web host, you will not only be getting the cheapest cPanel hosting product, but you will be getting the same cPanel software as those not offering cheap cPanel hosting. Similarly, some cheap cPanel hosting providers like HostGator and HostMonster leverage their relationship with the makers of cPanel to get the latest version of cPanel software installed on their web servers the soonest. The second key reason for cheap cPanel hosting is that cheap cPanel hosting faciliates reseller opportunities in the future. Many cPanel control panel users ultimately become resellers of cheap cPanel hosting services, and by positioning yourself with a cheap cPanel web host earlier, the lifetime savings of your initial decision to go with a cheap cPanel hosting company will deliver strong returns. The third purpose behind cheap cPanel hosting is simply to gain the best account features while paying the least amount of money. Popular and cheap cPanel hosting companies have the scale necessary to offer larger disk space and bandwidth limits versus small, independent hosts. Fourthly, cheap cPanel hosting provides the lowest cost way to gain access to a top-tier control panel software application. Cheap cPanel hosting lets webmasters and domain administrators gain access to technologies and powers supplied through the software offered by cheap cPanel hosting companies that simply can't be found in alternate software programs. Of course, keep in mind that cPanel is a Linux application, so those who are looking for cheap cPanel hosting but want cheap Windows-based cPanel hosting are out of luck. That said, most development is now occuring on robust Linux servers that power cheap cPanel hosting and you should have no problems with the majority of application development and website hosting supplied by cheap cPanel web hosting companies like HostMonster cPanel hosting or HostGator cPanel hosting. Of course, cheap cPanel hosting buyers will need to know whether they are looking for shared cPanel hosting or cPanel software on a dedicated server. If you want a cPanel dedicated server you should consider cPanel dedicated servers since they offer the lowest cost software and unlimited website combination for developers and resellers. Dedicated hosting for cPanel will obviously cost more but it is a faster way to becoming your own web hosting company.

    We want to hear back from you about your cheap cpanel hosting experiences. If you have tried HostMonster or HostGator and want to submit a review on their cheap cPanel hosting services, please send us an email to

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