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  • 350GB Web Space Hosting Providers

    A Guide to Finding Web Hosts that Provide 350GB Disk Space and 3500GB Bandwidth

    Mark in Chicago writes us: Am I pushing the envelope to seek high quality 350GB web hosting accounts? Are there any large web space and high bandwidth packages out there that meet this threshold while still delivering a really cheap price? Thanks kindly.

    Our 350GB Web Server Answer: Mark, thanks for your 350GB storage space question. That amount of storage space and a volume of bandwidth that would go along is hard to find. But you are in luck. In search for 350GB hosting for you, we found what we think is the best 350GB web host around. Lunarpages offers 350GB storage for just $6.95 per month. That's a tough cost to beat, and we think that you will find Lunarpages to have the most cheap 350GB web hosting package online. Most other web hosts offer just 300GB hosting of web space, such as HostMonster and IX Web Hosting. So if you want the extra 50GB of disk space, then Lunarpages is your best 350GB hosting recommendation.

    We also recommend midPhase because they offer 3500GB of bandwidth with that plan. A web hosting company that provides high quality services with so much bandwidth is rare. 3500GB of traffic is a lot of traffic. The difference between good and bad large bandwidth web hosts is whether they can actually deliver upon their bandwidth promise. With this large web space hosting provider, you know that they will be capable of actually serving up the full 3500GB of traffic because they have in-place an uptime guarantee. This means that they will compensate you for downtime below 99.9%, which is really good 350GB web hosting since they are prepared to let you actually consume 100+GB a day of traffic while still delivering the most uptime out of normal web hosting businesses. If your business or personal needs really drive this much traffic, you could also consider dedicated servers, but otherwise your cheapest path to getting budget 350GB hosting is to buy from Lunarpages.

    Top 350 GB Web Hosting Provider for Massive Online Storage Needs & Huge Bandwidth Hosting Capacity

    Best 350GB Web Hosting Provider #1 - midPhase - Single Best Hosting Company
    350GB Web Hosting Storage Space: 350 GB Storage
    3500GB Web Hosting Bandwidth: 3,500 GB Bandwidth
    350GB Web Hosting Package 2 Year Cost: $2.95/month
    350GB Web Host Account 1 Term Price: $4.95/month
    350GB Hosting with a Free Website Builder: Free Website Builder included at no extra cost!

    Cheap 300GB Web Hosting
    Cheap 300GB Web Hosting

    Resellers will also find 350GB reseller web hosting to be to their advantage since you can resell or subsell space available on your web hosting account. We appreciate your question about locating 350GB website hosting. While this is a new level of web hosting plan capacity, we do expect the list of 350GB web hosts that we can recommend to you to grow with time, so be sure to bookmark this web page and review it again to see our latest 350gb hosting reviews next month.

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