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  • 1500GB Web Space Hosting Providers

    A Guide to Finding Web Hosts that Provide 1500GB of Disk Space

    Arup in Grismby writes in about 1500GB web space hosting plans: Do you know of any 1500GB web hosting companies that offer a massive amount of web space at really low cost monthly hosting contracts? How much bandwidth would such a large 1500GB web space account include? Please provide at least two 1500GB hosting web hosting companies if you know of any? Many thanks.

    Cheap 1500GB Web Hosting
    Cheap 1500GB Web Hosting

    Our 1500GB Web Server Answer: You are lucky, there are indeed at least two 1500GB web hosting providers that offer 1500GB+ website hosting plans. All of these 1500GB hosting accounts should exceed your needs. Some of these 1500GB hosting providers even offer upgrade paths to unlimited webspace hosting. Those would be superior in terms of size than any cheap 1500GB web hosting plan you might find. However, there is usually quite a big price difference between an unlimited web space hosting plan and a 1500GB web hosting package - about half the cost on a monthly equivalent basis. Since if you purchase a 1500GB hosting package from one of the top 1500GB web host companies, you will get among the best hosting experiences, we don't think you need to pay more than necessary to upgrade your 1500GB hsoting account to an unlimited hosting plan. 1500GB hosting is a very large amount of online disk space and it is highly unlikely that you would run out. In fact, many web hosts monitor server usage (e.g. web server RAM) and if you were to use so much daily volume your website might be in violation of their terms of service. Thus, in a practical hosting sense, a 1500GB web hosting provider is nearly the same practical effect as an unlimited web space provider. IX Web Hosting offers an unlimited web space hosting account for $7.95/month. Since Host Monster offers a 1500GB web hosting account from $6.95 a month - that is much lower cost way to buy large web space hosting needs, up to 1500GB in this case. As for your bandwidth, the two 1500GB budget hosts we list, both provide 15,000 GB of bandwidth traffic volume meaning you can turn over all your uploaded files ten times over each month. That is almost 500GB a day of Internet server traffic - literally millions of page views per day on our recommended Linux hosting companies! So, here are this month's best 1500GB web hosting recommendations. You should review and compare each of them and see whether they suit your needs.

    Top 1500GB Disk Space Hosting Providers for Large Online Web Storage

    Best 1500GB Web Hosting Provider #1 - HostMonster - Most Popular Review Choice!
    1500GB Web Hosting Space: 1,500 GB
    1500GB Web Hosting Bandwidth: 15,000 GB
    1500GB Web Hosting Package 2 Year Cost: $4.95/month
    1500GB Web Host Account 1 Term Price: $6.95/month
    1500GB Hosting with a Free Website Builder: Free Website Builder included at no extra cost!

    1500GB Web Host Provider #2- BlueHost
    Cheap 1500GB Hosting Plan Web Space: 1.5TB
    Cheap 1500GB Hosting Account Traffic/Bandwidth Limit: 15 TB
    1500GB Web Hosting Lowest Cost (bi-annual term): $4.95/month
    Annual 1500GB Hosting Pricing: $6.95/month

    1500GB Web Host Provider #3 - midPhase - Great for Canadians
    Cheap 1500GB Hosting Plan Web Space: 1500GB
    Cheap 1500GB Hosting Account Traffic/Bandwidth Limit: 15000GB
    1500GB Web Hosting Lowest Cost (3 year term): $2.95/month
    One Year 1500GB Hosting Pricing: $5.95/month

    If you are interested in 1500GB resell space hosting, all of the above web hosts offer reseller programs. In particular we recommend HostMonster and HostGator. You can also visit our Reseller Showcase. Once again, thank you for your 1500GB hosting question. We hope we have made your good 1500GB web host search for a massive web space and bandwidth hosting products a little easier, be sure to let us know:

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