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  • How do I buy web hosting without a credit card?

    A Guide to Finding Web Hosts that Accept Payment using PayPal or other non-credit card payments

    Buy Instant Web Hosting without a Credit Card - Click Here

    Sandeep in Hyderabad writes us about purchasing web hosting without a US$ credit card: Dear, how do I buy web hosting without a credit card? What do so many hosts only take payment with credit cards and can you recommend any American web hosts that will let me buy web hosting using PayPal or some other non-credit card payment.

    Our Answer:: We agree with your question that finding a good web host - like HostMonster or BlueHost that will accept either a personal or company check, PayPal, or other non credit card form of payment to buy web hosting is very challenging. Generally speaking if you are buying dedicated hosting or a dedicated server, your web host will usually let you establish a credit account and pay with a company check. Some web hosts will also let you pre-arrange the use of wire transfers from most global cities to pay for your web hosting, e.g. HostGator. However, it can indeed be very difficult to find web hosting without a credit card. Many web hosts take credit cards as payment for web hosting because it is the easier form of billing for them and verifies that the credit card owner is of majority age necessary to enter into terms of service contracts. That said, there are a number of alternative web hosts, American hosts as your are searching for, that will let you buy their cheap web hosting plans without a credit card.

    Website hosting companies like HostGator will let you indirectly pay for hosting with a check by using the PayPal eCheck service. You simply need to identify your method of payment after you select your web hosting package and click on the order button. Using checks with HostGator is one way that you can avoid using a credit card to pay for web hosting. The most common method for both domestic and international web hosting buyers looking to purchase site hosting without using a major credit card to use is to submit payment using PayPal. PayPal allows you to setup the ability to email your web host payment using a wire transfer, bank draft, direct debit or even a credit card without providing your web host that number. Generally speaking most web hosts are secure but some users do not feel comfortable providing them with your credit card information. Using PayPal to buy web hosting is one way to secure your credit card information from your web host. We recommend three web hosts that let you buy web hosting without using a credit card. These no CC needed web hosts are as follows:

    Best Hosts & the ways to get hosting without a credit card

    Recommended #1 Hosting Solution with no CC requirement - BlueHost - Most Reliable Credit Card Free Web Host
    PayPal-Enabled Web Hosting Space: Unlimited Space
    Bandwidth using something other than Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX: Unlimited Traffic
    Web Hosting Prices: $4.95/month
    Use PayPal to Buy Web Hosting Yes - Click Here

    CC Free Web Host #2 - Host Monster - Most Popular Hosting Payable with PayPal
    PayPal-Enabled Web Hosting Space: Unlimited
    Bandwidth using something other than Visa, MasterCard, or American Express: Unlimited
    Web Hosting Prices: $4.95/month
    Types of Hosting offered without a Credit card: Shared Web Hosting

    No Credit Card Web Hosts Recommendation #3 - HostGator
    PayPal-Enabled Hosting Plan Disk Space: Unlimited GB
    Hosting Plan Traffic Allowance: Unlimited GB
    Cost per month: $3.96/month
    Hosting Prices without Credit Card: Shared Hosting (Linux + Windows) & Dedicated Servers

    Even if you don't want to use a credit card to buy web hosting online, a lot of small businesses are turning to Square, which lets you set-up offline credit card sales for your business using your cell phone or mobile device. You can learn more about how web hosting companies might be working with Square for credit card processing services by visiting Square at Square.

    Thank you for your question about using PayPal to buy web hosting and finding out more information on buying web hosting without a credit card. Some web hosts like HostGator will even let you pay month to month and get no contract hosting without requiring a credit card. We highly recommend their monthly hosting plan with no credit card if you are looking for a low cost way for an international customer to purchase affordable and reliable web hosting services. For more web hosts you can always review our Top 10 List. Thank you for your web hosting billing question.

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