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  • Business Web Hosting Question with a Business Web Hosting Answer

    Business Web HostingBusiness Web Hosting: Category QuestionBusiness Web Hosting Provider

    Email question from Kyle in CO: What is business web hosting and where can I buy cheap business web hosting?

    Our business web host response: Business web hosting is premium web hosting solution offered by a business-class web host that is appropriate for businesses, both large and small, to purchase as hosting for their business needs. When we talk about business web hosting as a separate web hosting comparison category for review, there are several reasons why we actually separate out business web hosting by itself as opposed to lumping it in with regular cheap web hosting. Business web hosting buyers have unique needs from an operations standpoint that must be addressed within their IT purchases in order to find the best and top business web hosting. For example, business web hosting needs a higher level of good technical support, cheap business web hosting upgrade options, and of course business web hosting needs a degree of server reliability not typically offered with general hosting. In short, many web hosts that claim to offer business web hosting are not sufficiently experienced to actually be business web hosts but nonetheless portray themselves as such. This business web hosting guide is designed to outline core business web hosting requirements and to provide some low cost business web hosting providers that meet the high threshold we have set in our budget business web hosting Review. Let's begin:

    Business Web Hosting from a reliable business web host enables your corporate (small or large) website to be delivered on a fast and reliable business hosting server and be made accessible to the general Internet population. Buying the best business web hosting from a top business web host to accomplish this is easier said than done. The truth: conducting a business web hosting plan comparison is often difficult because non-reputable business web hosts try to cloud the evaluation criteria. Whether you are a large company or an entrepreneur, business web hosting should be affordable. Most businesses don't realize that cheap business web hosting is as good in practice as expensive business web hosting. At the same time, most business web hosting searchers will let price dictate their purchase decision thinking that low cost business web hosting couldn't possibly be good. That's incorrect. At the end of the same, nearly all business web hosts run similar operating systems, server specifications, and automate their back-end using roughly equal software. As such, the provisioning of cheap business web hosting from a fast business web hosting company are quite similar across the board. So the best business web hosting company may be able to offer a better and more inexpensive business web hosting plan than a costly provider - with the same quality of infrastructure because he is willing to make a lower margin on the sale of each business web hosting plan. Rest assured, no business web hosting provider is losing money when they sell to business customers. Choosing a reliable business web hosting supplier that is profitable is a good thing though, since you don't want your web host going out of business on you. Thus, in conducting our business web hosting review, we found that a good business web hosting package should cost no more than $10 per month. A costly business web hosting plan doesn't become the best business web hosting account, it simply stays an expensive business web hosting plan. We have attempted to review several strong business web hosts that offer budget business web hosting with full features and low prices.

    Cheap Business Web Hosting from a Fast Business Web Hosting Provider
    Sponsored Link: Cheap Business Web Hosting from a Fast Business Web Hosting Provider

    The next important factor to consider when buying from a business web hosting provider is whether or not they are capable of offering reliable business web hosting. By reliable business web hosting we mean whether your business-class host services are available for use and access. The best business web hosting providers top-up their business solution by providing what is known as a Service Level Agreement (an SLA). An SLA is a measuring tool for the reliability of a cheap business web host. Business web hosting needs an SLA of at least 99.9% which means your website will be available 99.9% of the time. This level of uptime is sufficient for nearly all business web hosting buyers. A cheap business web hosting package is great, but only if it is going to be online most of the time. That said, 100% Business Web Hosting uptime is a myth and is not realistic unless you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars a month for tier-one business hosting. If you want 100% uptime in your business web hosting you will need to purchase an affordable dedicated server for business dedicated hosting; but even that will not guarantee 100% business web host uptime.

    Finally, business web hosting reviews and recommendations should consider whether the business web host in question offers fast business web hosting to a large customer base. A business web host will simply not gain the scale necessary to properly support a business-class hosting buyer without volume. 24/7 Technical Support requires a threshold level of revenue to justify and small business web hosts just can't afford dedicated 24/7 technical support. Since the purpose of your website is to serve customers whether your store or staff is available or not, the website should have access to business hosting technical support around the clock. Only then will you be purchasing the best top business web hosting. All our reviewed business web hosting plans have this 24/7 technical support; in addition to being cheap business web hosting plans.

    Our cheap business web hosting guide focuses our reviews on three business web hosting providers that we found in our directory. In our opinion, they represent the best, top, and cheapest business web hosting available on the Internet. So based on user-submitted business web hosting reviews and feedback (and ranking the cheap business web hosts found in our directory), we have 3 specific top-ranked business web hosting plans that we suggest for your purchase consideration:

    Cheap Business Web Hosting Best Business Web Host Provider #1 - HostMonster
    Best Business Web Hosting Disk Space: Unlimited GB
    Best Business Web Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Business Hosting Cost: $4.95/month | Low Cost for Business Hosting
    1 Year Cheapest Business Web Hosting Cost: $6.95/month
    Business Hosting Plan Comments: HostMonster doesn't waste time for business web hosting purchasers. Their business web hosting offer is one of the best we've seen from any reliable business web hosting providers. Why? The biggest reason, is the cheap price that they have been able to deliver a business hosting package for. Getting unlimited bandwidth for business hosting is a crazy good deal. Clearly, HostMonster is betting that the average customers won't need near that level of bandwidth for business with their business web hosting solution, but the feature is in the account in case you do.

    Business Web Hosting Review Best Business Web Host #2 - BlueHost
    Best Business Web Hosting Server Plan Capacity: Unlimited MB
    Top Business Web Hosting Bandwidth Account Allowance: Unlimited MB
    2 Year Company Hosting Cost: $4.95/month
    1 Year Company Web Hosting Cost: $6.95/month
    Business Web Hosting Review: BlueHost keeps business web hosting webmasters happy. With lots of space and bandwidth, they offer slightly more powerful servers than HostMonster. So if you run a more advanced retail or employee website, BlueHost is a serious contender for the best Internet business web hosting available.

    Cheapest Business Web Hosting Cheap Business Web Host Provider #3 - IX Web Hosting
    Best Business Web Hosting Service Server Space:Unlimited Web Space
    Best Business Web Hosting Solution Traffic: Unlimited Bandwidth
    2 Year Annual Hosting Cost: $3.95/month
    1 Year Business Hosting Cost: $4.95/month
    Top Business Web Hosting Ranking Evaluation Justification Comments: IX Web Hosting offers business web hosting - though it hasn't had the positive feedback that our #1 suggestion HostMonster has earned from fellow business hosting buyers, it is worth consideration due to the low cost hosting business server options supplied in their reputable business web hosting solutions. For large companies who need the maximium amount of webspace and bandwidth for the business, IX Web Hosting is the best small biz hosting recommendation and a great hosting choice. Their free website building software included with their reliable business hosting plan is great for small businesses though because it can substantially reduce your website development costs.

    Ultimately, business web hosting should be something you can find cheaper than standard off-the-shelf business web hosting if you know where to find it. The biggest problem that most business hosting clients have when purchasing a business web hosting service is a recurring yet false disbelief that cheap business hosting is good business web hosting. Relax, inexpensive business website hosting can still be very good business web hosting. In short, yes, it is. With business web hosting being highly automated, costs are removed and operational savings passed along to the decision-maker. Best of all, most business web hosts will offer a 30-day money back guarantee that will let you try out a cheap business web hosting service and if you aren't satisfied you can get a full refund on your business web hosting fees. Our suggestion: choose the lowest cost and cheapest business web hosting plan, that still lets you maintain a reliable business web hosting account, and you will achieve top business web hosting for your small business.

    Top Business Web Hosting for $5.95/month from a Cheap Business Web Hosting Provider
    Top Business Web Hosting for $5.95/month from a Cheap Business Web Hosting Provider

    Before concluding, we wanted to briefly mention a caution against free business web hosting. It is tempting, particularly for new small businesses and startups, to want to acquire free web services for use with their business. However, keep in mind that your business would flounder and go under if you didn't charge for your own services and products. The same logic applies to web hosts that purport to offer free business web hosting. Aside from the usual outages and downtime, free business web hosts will often display ads on your website in exchange for permitting you to use their servers. These ads often are content-targeted to display advertisements for your competitors. Thus free business web hosting can actually cause you to lose business as your web visitors go elsewhere. With such discounted business hosting packages available, e.g. under $6 a month, if your company is serious about an online presence, you should spend the necessary funds to get a reliable first-class hosting experience from a commercial host. Leave the freebie hosting for individual websites that can afford outages and displaying generic advertisements.

    It is also worth talking briefly about business web hosting blogs. Those looking for business web hosting for their blog or internal blog will find the above business web hosts to be equally the best and cheapest hosting options. Business blog hosting is becoming increasingly common and reputable business hosts have put the necessary account features in place to handle both blogs and regular web sites alike.

    Please provide commentary about our business web hosting review to When sending us your customer review on business web hosting or a comparison of your own hosting service, mentioned or not mentioned within this guide, please be sure to let us know whether we can share your customer review or whether you wish it to be held in confidence. Most of our visitors are from the US and Canadian, so biz hosting reviews from web hosts located in America and Canada are especially great to receive. To provide useful user feedback, your business web hosting letter should indicate whether the service is good or bad and the specific reasons why you like or dislike a particular server provider's business web hosting package.

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