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  • Content: Windows Hosting Question: Does BlueHost offer Windows Web Hosting?

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    Question from Jim in Madison, WI about BlueHost: Is there a BlueHost Windows plan for business? Does BlueHost on Windows exist or is BlueHost going to offer plans on Windows servers soon?

    Our answer: BlueHost Windows Hosting is not presently a server platform that this web host offers. We are not aware of any upcoming plans by BlueHost to launch a BlueHost package on Windows 2003 or 2008 servers. BlueHost exclusively provides their hosting plan on Linux. We are unsure as to why you require a BlueHost Windows hosting package since most applications can run on their Linux server platforms. However, if you do require Windows Hosting, we strongly encourage you to visit our Windows Hosting Showcase to find reliable Windows web hosts that offer hosting on Windows which BlueHost does not at this time.

    Thank you for your question about whether offers Windows website hosting. You may wish to visit EasyCGI, IX Web Hosting, and StartLogic to review their award-winning Windows hosting services.


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