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  • Content: BlueHost Webmail Review: BlueHost Webmail Login Internet Services

    BlueHost email
    Click Here for More Information
    BlueHost email
    Click Here for More Information

    Question from Mark in North Carolina about BlueHost's webmail services: Do you guys know anything about the BlueHost Webmail services. Any honest and truthful opinions about BlueHost's email hosting service and what the main features of the BlueHost e-mail plan?

    Our answer: BlueHost Webmail is an easy and excellent service to get large amounts of webmail access for yourself or business employees at a very low monthly cost. For that reason, we recommend BlueHost's webmail service for email addresses and corporate communications. BlueHost webmail comes included, without extra pricing, as part of their regular affordable web hosting plans. A reliable hosting package, alongside's webmail products, is a solid reason to pursue the BlueHost email hosting package. While a great number of webmail solution vendors do not include a large number of webmail accounts, BlueHost is rather unique in that they permitted 2,500 email addresses, either application-based or webmail-based within every single website hosting plan sold. Getting access to Linux server run webmail hosting from$6.95 a month is a good deal. Moreover, according to actual user feedback (and our own review) of the BlueHost webmail system, most users find their service quality, technical support, and uptime very good. Learn more about BlueHost webmail here. There are few other webmail hosting providers that can offer thousands of webmail email addresses for such a low monthly cost. In fact, you as a potential buyer are gaining webmail power at such a discount price because of the economies of scale that BlueHost has - they have several hundred thousand customers. 2,500 account webmail hosting is such a great feature that for active email or POP3 email forwarding customers this feature by itself is worth more than BlueHost charges for the all-inclusive hosting + reliable webmail plan. Aside from their large client base, how can BlueHost offer so much web space, bandwidth, and email accounts for so little? In all likelihood, BlueHost management does not likely expect their huge webmail plan to be fully utilized by all. BlueHost knows what their average server loads will be and thus is confident enough to extend unlimited web space hosting + huge webmail capacity just in case you do need such large offerings. BlueHost webmail is equipped under their unlimited bandwidth coverage and thus this particular BlueHost webmail account, when you login and send emails, can handle very large files. On balance, we think that BlueHost mail hosting solutions are a low cost webmail solution and amongst the best ways to get webmail access and email inbox hosting simultaneously.

    The other important element to understand regarding a BlueHost webmail account is a description of the underlying operating system that runs it. BlueHost uses cPanel - a control panel - current version cPanel X - which allows for an easy web-based interface to use all your webmail capabilities. These also include an easy BlueHost login and administration system to manage all your BlueHost webmail accounts. BlueHost webmail is very stable and we have not heard of many complaints concerning its uptime levels, webmail server availability, or restrictions on accounts. In addition, the BlueHost webmail plan is fully covered by their standard 99.9% uptime policy. Incidently, this 99.9% uptime guarantee is great for webmail logins, since your login page should almost always be available no matter whether you are trying to read your email domestically or internationally. Lastly, our budget BlueHost webmail review found that their reliable email system allows for cheap SSL Secure Server email accounts within their entry-level hosting plan. This is a real benefit for small businesses and corporate users who seek to purchase webmail, particularly cheap webmail, since they will be able to use the BlueHost webmail system for secure communications. Few web hosts offer unlimited webmail with SSL so for those needing that unique product offering, BlueHost brings some unique features to the table.

    Another attractive reviewed feature of the BlueHost webmail plan is that when you login and setup your webmail account, you also are offered an exclusive option by BlueHost of having Postini installed. Postini is a good anti-spam email tool used to reduce SPAM and unwanted emails from clogging up your BlueHost hosted webmail addresses. BlueHost's Postini offering (see their demo on the website) is one of the most advanced and accurate filtering technologies to help webmail customers control their inboxes from distracting spam and unwanted communications.

    Finally, are you an existing BlueHost customer looking for information on your BlueHost Webmail Login page? Existing BlueHost customers can access their webmail accounts by going to with your domain name inserted in the "" space. BlueHost provides a good guide for existing clients who want to manage their webmail and need help with logging into their webmail system. The BlueHost webmail tutorial is a simple FAQ tutorial woth visiting if you are having difficulties in logging into your BlueHost webmail account and need webmail help.

    Thank you for your question about BlueHost webmail hosting. You can find more email hosting solutions through our Email Hosting Showcase. We appreciate your visit today.


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