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  • Compare BlueHost versus ThinkHost

    A vs. Feature Comparison of the Differences

    BlueHost - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.
    BlueHost - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.

    If you are considering both BlueHost and ThinkHost in your web hosting comparison, you might want to know about some of the most important differences between the the two web hosting companies in order to choose BlueHost or ThinkHost as your web host. In many ways, BlueHost when compared to ThinkHost delivers more in the way of features. For example, if you review and compare BlueHost and ThinkHost you will notice that BlueHost offers much more webspace and bandwidth (1500GB disk space vs. 100GB disk space) and (15,000GB of bandwidth vs. 1000GB of bandwidth). However, for the average website, the differences between ThinkHost and BlueHost are not as large; few websites use such volume. But there are some differences between BlueHost vs. ThinkHost that are worth your attention. The first difference when you compare ThinkHost to BlueHost is in terms of the web hosting costs or prices between BlueHost and ThinkHost. BlueHost charges $6.95 as their lowest price whereas ThinkHost's lowest coupon pricing is still $7.95 per month. When you think about this cost difference over the course of 12 or 24 months, it is a meaningful cost savings to buy BlueHost vs. ThinkHost. Thus, on a pricing basis and considering upfront costs between ThinkHost and BlueHost, BlueHost is a better web host than ThinkHost. Now, ThinkHost is an earth-friendly hosting company and powers their data center through green energy, BlueHost does not. If your criteria is not cost or plan specs, then ThinkHost may present a better recommendation when contrasted with BlueHost. Second, there are some significant database (+ MySQL) differences when you do a comparison of BlueHost vs. ThinkHost. The biggest difference is that with the BlueHost package you can host 50 MySQL databases whereas ThinkHost can host unlimited MySQL databases. However, when you compare, on balance, the two hosting packages offerd by BlueHost versus ThinkHost, we recommend you buy hosting from

    In summary, our opinion is that Blue Host (visit here) represents better value at lower prices than ThinkHost (visit here) given what a typical website requires.

    The following BlueHost and ThinkHost comparison table is designed to show the most important differences and similarities between BlueHost vs. accounts. As with any ThinkHost and BlueHost reviews, be sure to compare our general findings to your specific needs when you compare BlueHost's products to those of ThinkHost.

    Feature BlueHost ThinkHost
    Price - ContractTerm $4.95/month $7.95/month
    Web Space Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
    Bandwidth Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
    Control Panel cPanel 11 Proprietary
    Host Unlimited MySQL databases No Yes

    In general, BlueHost provides better value than ThinkHost since you get more in the way of features for less money. Visit Blue Host here, and Think Host here to conduct further inquiry on your BlueHost ThinkHost review. In general, the user feedback about ThinkHost and the user feedback about BlueHost provided to our editors has been mostly upbeat for both web hosts. If you do want to buy from ThinkHost be sure to click here to use a web hosting coupon that will save you $20 off your hosting, THINKHOST20.

    Specific Questions: As we get specific questions about comparing ThinkHost vs. BlueHost, we will put the responses here. Thus far we've also been specifically asked the following research questions. - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $7.95/month.
    ThinkHost - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $7.95/month.

    What are the refund policy differences between vs. ThinkHost does not have as long of a refund period (i.e. satisfaction guarantee) when compared to BlueHost. BlueHost offers a 30-day money back guarantee whereas ThinkHost offers a 28-day money back guarantee. We do not know why ThinkHost vs. BlueHost's refund period is shorter since a 28 day satisfaction guarantee period is unusual.

    Where is ThinkHost and BlueHost located BlueHost (and sister company HostMonster) are based in Orem, Utah whereas ThinkHost is located in Portland, OR.

    Who is a larger hosting company - BlueHost or ThinkHost? BlueHost is the larger hosting company vs. ThinkHost with approx 200,000 domains hosted. Both are fast growing web hosts popular with online hosting directories.

    Have a BlueHost ThinkHost Comparison question? Email us at We hope that this page has been useful to help you decide whether to buy BlueHost or purchase ThinkHost web hosting services.

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