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  • Compare BlueHost versus Lunarpages

    A vs. Feature Comparison of Account Differences

    BlueHost - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.
    BlueHost - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.

    Trying to do a BlueHost and Lunarpages hosting review? Need to know whether BlueHost is better than Lunarpages? If you are considering both BlueHost and Lunarpages for a website hosting plan you should know about the hosting plan differences between the the two web hosting companies. First, a comparison of BlueHost and Lunarpages shows that both hosting companies have significant differences in terms of what is included with their hosting accounts. When you look at the pricing for BlueHost and Lunarpages, you can sometimes find a difference in your review depending upon whether any new BlueHost Lunarpages promos are running. Lunarpages often has web hosting sales which can reduce the cost of the hosting whereas BlueHost does not. However, absent a promo, the pricing for BlueHost vs. Lunarpages is the generally the same, $6.95 per month. BlueHost vs. Lunarpages reviews will show some differences in terms of platform availability. With Lunarpages you can buy Windows hosting and VPS services. When you compare the product breadth at Lunarages to that which is offered by BlueHost, your review will show that BlueHost only offers a standard Linux-based hosting plan. However, for most average websites, Linux is the way to go. On balance, we believe that when you look at the differences between BlueHost and Lunarpages, that BlueHost is a better web host than Lunarpages. As the web host that is better than Lunarpages, BlueHost simply offers more features for the average hosting consumer at the same level of pricing. The following BlueHost and Lunarpages Hosting Services comparison table is designed to show the most important differences and similarities between BlueHost vs. Lunarpages packages. Both website hosting plan providers are good although BlueHost limits your MySQL databases to 100 (Lunarpages is unlimited).

    BlueHost and Lunarpages

    Feature BlueHost Lunarpages
    Price - ContractTerm $6.95/month $6.95/month
    Web Space Unlimited Unlimited
    Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
    # of MySQL Databases 100 Unlimited
    Support for International Domains Yes - DNS Info Yes - DNS Info

    In general, BlueHost is a better web hosting company than Lunarpages. To be fair, Lunarpages is a better web host than BlueHost if you are looking for free software. However, if you already have a website designed or need a new domain name, BlueHost is a great recommendation over Lunarpages. In addition, there are other Lunarpages BlueHost facts to consider. While both web hosts generally receive good reviews by our users, and both companies are listed in our Top 10 hosting companies ranking, BlueHost receives better customer feedback when it comes to server uptime and reliability. Uptime is better for BlueHost versus Lunarpages. In addition, is also the larger web hosting provider with more domains hosted than Lunarpages. This suggests that their infrastructure is better built up since they have a larger customer base when compared to Lunarpages Hosting against which to amortize their data center infrastructure. When reviewing BlueHost vs. Lunarpages, you will also discover that BlueHost has won more hosting awards, from third party hosting evaluation directories than HostGator. Now some of those directories have dubious reputations, but nonetheless when reviewing the online reputation of BlueHost versus Lunarpages, BlueHost emerges the winner. BlueHost opinions by its customers are very favorable, and we receive far more positive opinions on BlueHost than we receive negative BlueHost opinions. With Lunarpages opinion poll, we generally also receive more position Lunarpages opinions that we do negative opinions of Lunarpages. However, BlueHost receives a net larger number of customer feedback versus Lunarpages, likely reflecting its bigger client base.

    Specific BlueHost vs. Lunarpages Questions

    As we get specific questions about comparing Lunarpages vs. BlueHost, we will post the BlueHost Lunarpages review answers here. When comparing BlueHost and Lunarpages, here are the questions people have asked so far.

    What are the contract differences between Lunarpages vs. BlueHost? Lunarpages prices their web hosting plan on a two year basis whereas the best price for BlueHost is on a two year plan. In general though, you will experience the best pricing for both Lunarpages and BlueHost is you can contract to a 2-year term. Keep in mind that the money back guarantee between BlueHost versus Lunarpages is the same; 30-days. If you want contract-free hosting, neither BlueHost nor Lunarpages offers this; try HostGator instead.

    Where are Lunarpages and BlueHost Inc. based? Lunarpages is located in California. BlueHost is based in Utah.

    Who is an older web host, Lunarpages or Host Monster? Lunarpages is a younger company than BlueHost having been founded in 2000. BlueHost began offering hosting services in 1996.

    Who is a larger hosting company - BlueHost or Lunarpages? BlueHost is a larger hosting company vs. Lunarpages with approx 350,000 hosted domains. In contrast, Lunarpages has about 150,000 domains hosted through their service and that of their parent corporation, Add2Net, Inc.

    Is Lunarpages a good web host? In general, most of our readers have found Lunarpages to be a good web host.

    Is BlueHost a good web host? In general, most of our readers have found BlueHost to be a good web host. BlueHost is growing by more domains than Lunarpages so it is possible that their technical support may not match their growth rate.

    Which would you choose for Windows hosting - BlueHost or Lunarpages? Lunarpages is the only web host to offer Windows and Dedicated Servers. BlueHost offers one all-inclusive plan but unlike Lunarpages offers no other hosting products. Both companies can help you get merchant accounts and launch eCommerce stores.

    Have a BlueHost versus Lunarpages comparison question? Email us at; subject Lunarpages BlueHost review question. We hope that this free web host comparison guide has been useful to help you decide whether to buy BlueHost or to purchase Lunarpages web hosting services. For more website hosting suggestions, you can always visit our monthly Top 10 Hosting Providers ranking.

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