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  • Best ASP.NET Hosts Report

    Welcome to our Monthly Best ASP.NET Hosts Ranking

    Ian in London, England asks us: Who are the best ASP.NET hosts and what criteria should I use to compare those best ASP.NET web hosts?

    Our answer to his question on finding the best ASP.NET host providers: The best ASP.NET hosts all have three common characteristics. First, you really can't make any ASP.NET hosting directory ranking as one of the best ASP.NET hosts unless your Windows hosting plans come with sufficient web space and bandwidth. A good ASP.NET host should provide at least 100GB of disk space and 1000GB of traffic to make their ASP.NET hosting product competitive with the largest ASP.NET web hosts who can offer you operational scale and reduce the cost of ASP .NET hosting plans. In addition to this best ASP hosts criterion, keep price in mind. A reliable ASP.NET web host should not be charging you more than $10 a month - even if their ASP.NET hosting is great. Making a trusted "Best ASP.NET Host Ranking" should have a price cap so that small to medium businesses are not overcharged. You will have no probably finding a high quality service offering under this price point, assuming you are willing to commit to a contract period. If you want the best ASP.NET hosting but don't want to buy a one year or two year contract, then you can expect to pay up to about $15 a month as month-to-month ASP.NET web hosting pricing. Second, the best ASP.NET hosts always offer guarantees around their products. This comes into place two ways. You should expect any ASP.NET recommended to you as one of the best to provide a min. 99.9% uptime guarantee and a full 30-day refund policy. This way, if you are unhappy with a company that someone claims is among the best ASP.NET hosting services, you can get your money back and move elsewhere. Service guarantees are a critical part of identifying the best ASP.NET web hosting companies. Lastly, the best ASP.NET web hosts should be providing you with a free domain name. This has become a standard practice for companies in the Windows hosting industry. For those who still host their domain names at a company like Network Solutions, this can mean a savings of up to $35 a year. On a $120 annual hosting purchase, that's a significant savings. In fact, we will only rank web hosts in our best ASP.NET hosts chart if they provide a free domain to customers; think of it as value-add for your ASP.NET hosting patronage. Now that you understand the three factors we consider to be critical to finding the best affordable ASP.NET web hosting packages, let's show you this month's top 3 best ASP.NET hosts.

    Best ASP.NET Hosting Packages

    Best ASP.NET Hosting Company #1 - IX Web Hosting
    Best ASP .NET Hosts Web Server Space:Unlimited
    Best ASP Hosts Traffic Allowance: Unlimited
    2 Year Hosting Cost: $8.95/month
    1 Year Hosting Cost: $9.95/month

    Best ASP.NET Hosting Provider #2 - Host Excellence
    Best ASP.NET Host Space: Unlimited GB
    Best ASP.NET Host Traffic: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Hosting Cost: $7.95/month
    1 Year Hosting Cost: $9.95/month

    Best ASP.NET Web Host #3 - EasyCGI
    Best ASP.NET 2.0 Hosting Disk Space: 350 GB
    Best ASP.NET 2.0 Server Host Traffic Allowance: 3,500 GB
    Annual ASP.NET Hosting Pricing: $7.96/month
    Monthly ASP.NET Hosting Cost: $9.95/month

    We understand that finding the very best ASP.NET hosts is one of the easier web hosting searches to do once you know what to look for the best ASP.NET 2.0 web hosts. So hopefully our monthly review of the best ASP.NET web hosting companies will make this ASP.NET hosting search of yours a little easier. The ASP.NET web hosting companies that make up the very best ASP.NET hosts will vary from buyer to buyer but the above top 3 best ASP.NET hosts should give you a great start to your ASP.NET website hosting review and comparison. We love to get reader feedback that you might have on other Internet companies that you think should make our best ASP.NET hosts list. Just drop us a quick note at with the SUBJECT: Best ASP.NET Hosts. If you want ASP.NET 3.5 hosting, this is now available on Windows 2008 and IIS7 from EasyCGI. This 2009 Best ASP.NET Hosts is updated regulary.

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