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  • Content: Best Joomla Host Review: Top 10 Signs You Have the Best Joomla Web Host

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    Question from Max in Oregan about finding the best Joomla hosts: How do I know when my web hosting search has found the best Joomla host? Do the best Joomla hosts share any similarities?

    Our answer: The best Joomla hostsshare ten common characteristics that help contribute to their web hosting abilities to deliver the best Joomla hosting for both individual and small business Joomla web hosting services.

    Best Joomla Host Sign #1 If your Joomla web host is a large host in terms of customer count. The best Joomla hosts are usually quite large in size with many customers. When it comes to finding the best Joomla hosting, the old adage of safety in numbers applies. More hosting accounts, better ability for the hosting provider to afford superior data center infrastructure.

    Best Joomla Host Sign #2 If the Joomla web hosts you are reviewing have web hosting awards from long-established directories. Most hosting directories include customer feedback on user hosting experiences as a part of their monthly or annual web host rankings. The more awards a Joomla web host has the higher the likelihood that the Joomla host being reviewed is indeed one of the best Joomla hosts around.

    Best Joomla Host Sign #3 The best Joomla hosts always offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you know your Joomla hosting service is good then as a Joomla web host, you will not be afraid to allow customers to try your Joomla hosting account risk-free before they make the final purchase decision. As far as we are concerned, a Joomla host without a refund policy can never qualify as one of the best Joomla hosts.

    Best Joomla Host Sign #4 Tons of web space and bandwidth. Whether your Joomla website is really large or very small, web space and bandwidth are a commodity product and there is no reason why you should not be able to find unlimited hosting from some of the best Joomla hosts. Unless you want a local provider, make sure you get massive hosting space.

    Best Joomla Host Sign #5 The most reliable Joomla web hosts own their data center infrastructure. In short, the best Joomla hosts decide to outlay this capital expense because it gives them control over the operations and quality of service. Look for uptime guarantee policies of 99.9% or better from the best Joomla host you select and appreciate that only when you own your own hosting facilities can you honestly make that commitment to a Joomla hosting plan buyer.

    Best Joomla Host Sign #6 A Joomla host that charges more than $10 a month better be offering you something special. The best Joomla host usually charges no more than $7-8 per month. With high levels of hosting automation, the only reason to pay more than $10 a month is either access to local technical support, particular data center space, or ancillary marketing services. In our opinion, the best Joomla host should charge no more than $6.95 per month.

    Best Joomla Host Sign #7 Free domainsare defacto in the hosting plans with a best Joomla host. A marketing ploy maybe, but regardless, why not reduce your own hosting costs by getting your Joomla hosting company to pay for your domain. It's very common and almost uniform among the best Joomla hosts.

    Best Joomla Host Sign #8 The best Joomla hosts have an active company CEO. If you notice the fastest growing Joomla hosting companies, their CEO's tend to be very visibile in the public eye. We believe that this is a good thing and a characteristic of the best Joomla hosting services. An active Joomla hosting company CEO means he is active in ensuring the quality of his company and not sitting on a beach somewhere letting his subbordinates run the show.

    Best Joomla Hosts Sign #9 If you think you've found the best Joomla hosts without some review work, you haven't. Hosting isn't easy. Make sure your review for the Best Joomla hosts includes at least 3 different Joomla hosting companies so that you can compare each Joomla hosting plan amongst the providers and get the best choice. Moving a Joomla website is a pain so put the extra time in upfront. We recommend the ten Joomla hosting providers found in our Top 10 Joomla Hosts list for consideration.

    Best Joomla Hosts Sign #10 The best Joomla hosts require you to think about your own needs. Ultimately a hosting resource and a Joomla hosting directory articulating advice for those seeking the best Joomla hosts can only go so far. At some point, the advice is necessarily general and cannot accomodate every different and unique need of individual Joomla hosting purchasers. There is no substitute for common sense and considering your own Joomla hosting requirements when it comes to you finally deciding on who the best Joomla web hosts are and why you feel the web host provider you select deserves the best Joomla hosting prize - i.e. your Joomla website account.

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