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    Best Hoster Ranking and Review Best Hoster Web Hosting User Inquiry from Sarah: I live in the UK and all the web hosters I've tried are rubbish, where can I find the best hoster?

    Our Best Hoster User Question Answer: Whether you live in the UK, the United States, or internationally, finding the best hoster for your website is important. The best hoster can be viewed in various ways. The first way to determine the best hoster might be from a price standpoint - how much per month is the hoster offering a discount web hosting package for? The second way, might be to evaluate the hoster's plan features, such as web space and bandwidth. The third way to determine and end your search for the best hoster might be to consider the reviews from other hoster buyers. Our best Hoster monthly review is designed to bring together these three elements to determine the best hoster. Remember that each hoster purchaser has unique needs, you should always consider each hoster against your own personal or business needs and then come up with a final decision. A Best Hoster Ranking is very useful to do - even if you are simply using your research during this best hoster ranking process to evaluate your current hoster. Many best web hoster ranking clients end up missing out on great deals that come onto the marketplace because they forget to conduct an annual best hoster ranking. This best web hoster article is designed to demonstrate some of the web hoster factors that go into choosing the best top hoster, but as with any best hoster review, you should always conduct your own research. That said, we have had over 23 different emails on the subject of best hoster (email us and we will add your input into our best hoster review) so this best hoster recommendation guide should be most useful to nearly all hoster plan buyers.

    Here are this month's best web hoster web hosting plans:

    Best Hoster Plan #2 - BlueHost
    Best Hoster Web Hosting Space: Unlimited GB
    Hoster Best Provider Traffic Allowance: Unlimited GB
    Hoster Plan Includes a Free Website Builder: Yes
    1 Year Cheap Hoster Cost: us $2.95/month

    Best Hoster Plan #1 - HostMonster
    Best Hoster Web Hosting Space: Unlimited GB
    Hoster Best Provider Traffic Allowance: Unlimited GB
    Number of Hoster Email Account Provider: Unlimited
    1 Year Cheapest Best Hoster Account Cost: us $4.95/month
    Cheap Best Hoster Winner: HostMonster is the cheapest best hoster for the cheap best hoster entry-level web hoster plan. If you need almost unlimited web hoster features, at a very reasonable hoster cost, then choose our cheap best hoster award winner.

    Best Hoster Plan #3 - StartLogic - Best Hoster to Transfer a Domain To
    Best Hoster Web Hosting Space: Unlimited GB
    Hoster Best Provider Traffic Allowance: Unlimited GB
    Best Hoster Unique Feature: Hoster 10 Domains in One + Free Domain Hoster
    2 Year Lowest Priced Best Hoster Cost: us $5.95/month
    Current Promotional Price for Website Transfers to StartLogic: us $4.95/month

    When thinking about the best hoster plan for your small business or large business you should also be concerned about the hoster's uptime performance numbers. These are the amount of time in a given period that the server on which your website will be hosted is available (or online). A best hoster plan should offer at least 99.9% uptime in order for you to consider their services. The other 1% may not sound like much, but in the course of a year downtime adds up. A 1% downtime rate would be 2+ days that your website is down, so make sure your hoster has a strong reputation (and guarantee) for uptime. Thinking ahead like that when looking for the best hoster plan is an important part of electronic success. Only then will your business find the best hoster. All the price discounts and plan features are not much good if your best hoster isn't online. The above recommendations in our best hoster guide all provide at least 99.9% uptime or better.

    When doing a web hoster review, it is important to remember whether this if the first time you are trying to determine how to find a web hoster or one of many occassions. Doing a web hoster review with experience will make finding a web hoster easier. That's the reason why we try to put this guide together. So that new web hoster buyers have some help and that experienced people used to conducting web hoster reviews during a how to find a web hoster process have a fall-back guide. Hopefully it has been of use on this web hoster evaluation day.

    Take advantage of Free Domain Web Hoster. Many Free Domain Hosters now offers a no charge, complimentary domain name when you buy their lowest cost web hoster package. This is a great way to save money if you need a .com, .net, or .org identify. Most web hosters do not offer domains for free; but it doesn't hurt to inquire with the web hoster you are researching.

    We don't recommend using a free web hoster. They tend to be unreliable from a hoster server standpoint and since you aren't paying anything to use a free web hoster, there is little you can complain (or do) about it. If you are using your web hoster to host a business or commercial website, then choosing a discount web hoster over a free web hoster is almost a must-do. Don't be pound-foolish and penny-wise!

    For those in the United Kingdom looking for a web hoster, it is highly recommended that you consider a non-UK web hoster for your UK web hoster needs. There are two reasons. First, UK web hosters must charge the VAT - which will lead to a greater monthly fee. Second, the performance of top web hosters in the US is quite strong and the difference in access speed in browsing or loading a website hosted at a hoster web provider in the US vs. the UK will not be noticeable. Plus, UK web hosters tend to offer less in terms of account plan features, which is a reason in and of itself to take advantage of the global hoster nature of the Internet.

    So now that you know what to look for in a best hoster web hosting plan, don't be afraid to go out there and succeed. Just remember to select a cheap web hoster and any mistakes you make during your decision will be minimal. If you want additional recommendations for the best hosters in the UK, you can read our user feedback on the best UK web host.

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