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    Our PostgreSQL Best Host Review

    Guide Topic: Who is the best PostgreSQL web host?

    Dominique in Halifax writes us: Who is the best PostgreSQL web host? I need quality database hosting and am confused.

    Our hosting answer regarding who the best PostgreSQL web host is and why: The best PostgreSQL web host, and a member of the Top 5 ranking is BlueHost; a fast-growing Linux web host operating near Salt Lake City, UT with PostgreSQL database hosting clients around the world. We have received 17 positive emails that recommend their reliable PostgreSQL database hosting services. On the other hand, we have received 3 negative emails suggesting that BlueHost is not the best PostgreSQL web host - all of which expressed concern that the best PostgreSQL hosts should be the cheapest PostgreSQL hosts. One of those emails suggested HostMonster as an alternative PostgreSQL hosting recommendation. However, we continue to believe that the best PostgreSQL hosting company is BlueHost and that BlueHost PostgreSQL solutions make it the top of the best PostgreSQL web hosts in the world. As the best PostgreSQL web host, BlueHost offers some unique hosting plan features that make them the best MySQL host. We draw attention to three particularly strong elements on why we feel that this particular affordable PostgreSQL web host wins the Best MySQL Web Hosts award. The first reason that makes BlueHost the best PostgreSQL web host provider is that they include support for 50 PostgreSQL databases in every single $4.95 hosting website hosting account. Our second reason for recognizing BlueHost as the best PostgreSQL web hosting company is that the permit PostgreSQL databases that use large amounts of server capacity such as those PostgreSQL run by high-volume (and growing) websites. With unlimited web space and unlimited traffic you really get powerful PostgreSQL hosting at very cheap PostgreSQL hosting prices. The third reason that we recommend the best PostgreSQL web host to be BlueHost is that their PostgreSQL web host service comes with full developer-level solutions such as CGI-BIN, MySQL Databases, Server Side Includes, PHP, and all the other advanced programming needs that the best PostgreSQL web hosts should support. With BlueHost PostgreSQL our users have told us that this hosting outsourcing option delivers very good PostgreSQL web hosting services. You can learn more information about BlueHost PostgreSQL Database Web Hosting by clicking here.

    If you want to learn about other great PostgreSQL web hosts and find out the names of some of the other best PostgreSQL hosts ranked below BlueHost, we recommend that you visit and review the cheap web hosts listed at the Linux Hosting Showcase. This PostgreSQLhosting article was updated in 2015.

    To get the latest software for PostgreSQL, you can visit the download page at by clicking here.


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