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    Our Windows 2008 Best Host Review

    Guide Topic: Who is the best Windows 2008 web host?

    Dave in Spokane, WA writes us: I realize the hosting platform is new, but who is the best Windows 2008 web host?

    Our hosting answer regarding who the best Windows2008 web host is and why: The best Windows 2008 web host, and a member of the Top 10 ranking is EasyCGI; a reliable New York based web host with Windows 2008 website hosting clients around the world. We have received 17 positive emails recommending their best in class Windows 2008 web host services. We have received 3 negative emails that EasyCGI is not the best Windows 2008 web host - those emails suggested IX Web Hosting and as alternatives for our best Windows 2008 web host award. We stand by how we recommend the best Windows 2008 web host to be. The EasyCGI Windows 2008 web hosting package, which can be purchased month to month for $9.95/month or $7.96/month on an annual basis, delivers 350GB of Windows 2008 web space and 3500GB of traffic making it the largest and best Windows 2008 web host offering on the marketplace. There are several reasons why EasyCGI earned the recommendation as the best Windows 2008 hosts provider. Here are the criteria and how they performed:

  • #1 The best Windows 2008 web hosts all had large amounts of web space and traffic, including IX Web Hosting and EasyCGI - frankly, most of these best ranked Windows 2008 hosts all offered more account features than the typical Windows 2008 web hosting buyer would need. If you want unlimited web space Windows hosting you should also consider HostExcellence (although their plans are Windows 2003 based).

  • #2 The best Windows 2008 web hosts needed to offer upgrade paths to more product lines. While many shared hosting customers start out on a low-cost entry Windows 2008 web hosting plan they often upgrade to higher volume offerings as their website business and traffic grows. We felt that the best Windows 2008 web hosts needed to supply choices for those customers to upgrade the products (if need be). EasyCGI scored the highest for this part of our best Windows 2008 web host review since they supply larger Windows 2008 website hosting plans, eCommerce, and Virtual Private Server options.

  • #3 Consistency Across Customer Review Websites. There are several Top 5 and Top 10 rankings for the best Windows 2008 web hosts. We too have our own Top 10 list. What we wanted to see was that our interpretation of the best Windows 2008 web host was a Windows 2008 hosting company that consistently ranked on the top ranking Windows 2008 hosts chart of multiple Windows 2008 web hosting directory websites. EasyCGI did. They were a regular best Windows 2008 web host according to multiple online resources which is likely a credit to their good technical support, excellent Windows 2008 hosting package features, and growing client base. In conclusion, EasyCGI makes for an easy recommendation a cheap Windows 2008 web host solution that also happens to be the best Windows 2008 web host service.

    Best Windows 2008 Hosts Ranking

    If you want to learn about other good Windows 2008 web hosts that offer reliable Windows-based hosting services (or find out the names of some of the other best Windows 2008 hosts that finished below EasyCGI in our Window 2008 web hosts list), we recommend that you visit and review the cheap web hosts listed at the Windows 2008 Hosting Showcase. Windows 2008 is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

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