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    Cheap ANHosting Ecommerce Ecommerce Web Hosting ReviewANHosting Ecommerce Review

    An ANHosting ecommerce question from Dale in Oakland, CA: What does think about ANHosting's ecommerce hosting package? Is ANHosting ecommerce cheap enough and good enough that you would recommend ANHosting to me as a top ecommerce web hosting option?

    ANHosting - Top 10 2013 Ecommerce Host eCommerce Ranking
    Their Ecommerce Plan Ranking: 8.7 / 10.0
    Find ANHosting Ecommerce at: ANHosting EcommerceANHosting
    Free Shopping Cart Included with Ecommerce Hosting Account? Yes
    ANHosting Ecommerce Hosting Space & Bandwidth: Unlimited GB / Unlimited GB
    Cheap ANHosting Ecommerce Hosting Offer Price: $3.95/mo. | Excellent Value

    Our ANHosting Ecommerce Review answer: For the average eCommerce hosting needs, ANHosting is a good choice. So, yes the ANHosting Ecommerce hosting plan is a solid web hosting package for those looking to find cheap ecommerce web site hosting. In fact, we give the ANHosting Ecommerce web hosting package a strong review grade in our ecommerce host review for a number of different reasons.

    ANHosting Ecommerce Web Hosting ANHosting Ecommerce Review Reason One: ANHosting gets good reviews from fellow readers. In fact, we recently had one user who said that the top ANHosting ecommerce web hosting ranking recognition was deserved because ANHosting offers "top tier tech support." That user was not the only one who had such positive review comments about ANHosting's ecommerce website hosting offerings. So the first reason to choose ANHosting Ecommerce hosting would be their good relations with existing customers and strong tech support rankings when it comes to help new customers.

    ANHosting Ecommerce Cheap ANHosting Ecommerce Hosting Review Reason Two: If price matters to your hosting review, then a good reason to like ANHosting is that they offer the cheap ANHosting ecommerce hosting package as low as $3.95/month. That's is a very low cost monthly price and one of the cheapest we found in any web host's review. Having discount ecommerce hosting alone doesn't win ANHosting the award. The fact that they stuff (and we mean stuff big time) their e-commerce web hosting plan with great features bumps them up a notch. With a massive 500GB of web space and 5000GB of bandwidth, ANHosting is an inexpensive eCommerce hosting package for small businesses alike. The ability to host up to 20 domains with each ANHosting ecommerce package lets you run multiple e-commerce websites within a single hosting plan; another way to reduce the costs of running multiple online stores.

    Best ANHosting E-commerce Ranking Best ANHosting E-commerce Ranking Reason Three: ANHosting's Ecommerce account delivers a high degree of bonuses in our recommendation review for the amount of value-add features they supply. Specifically in relationship to ecommerce hosting, there are several key included features that you would have to spend considerable amounts of money to buy elsewhere (or outside a Blue Host hosting plan). First, a free ANHosting SSL Secure Server is included with all hosting plans. Second, the ANHosting shopping cart support is very good.. The cheap ecommerce web site hosting provider includes with all affordable ecommerce plans the following shopping carts: OS Commerce Shopping Cart, Agora Shopping Cart, Cube Cart Shopping Cart, and the Zen Cart Shopping Cart. By including these shopping carts ANHosting gives many customers a reason to skip a review and buy from them right away (especially with the instant account set-up that's offered.) Finally, ANHosting Ecommerce hosting also comes with a money back guarantee (30 days) which means you can try the product, test out their eCommerce platform for your own needs, and return it for a refund if things are not top-grade. AN Hosting ecommerce hosting with a refund policy is certainly low risk eCommerce hosting.

    ANHosting Ecommerce Review Bad Things We Don't Like about eCommerce Hosting at There are some bad things that we have to saw about the ANHosting ecommerce hosting plan. Depending upon whether you think ANHosting is good or bad will likely be influenced by the following. ANHosting's ecommerce web hosting is difficult to find full information on. In an effort to simplify things for their customers, ANHosting has listed less features on their new "Mega Plan" product page. Features such as a shopping cart and MySQL database support are often only discovered through advanced browsing and searching (and by logging into the demo cPanel account that they make available. Frankly, more information should be available for users upfront who have complex hosting needs, like eCommerce. You can review other eCommerce hosting providers against ANHosting in our eCommerce Hosting Showcase. The next thing that we dont' like about ANHosting is their eCommerce plan is one size fits all. Let's be honest: eCommerce hosting rarely is the exact same for each company or online service. Some online businesses will require large eCommerce hosting plans while other Internet entrepreneurs may simply need a beginner ecommerce hosting service. With the eCommerce plan, it is assumed everyone needs the same product; that is a bad assumption. It would be better if the hosting plan that ANHosting has for eCommerce users offered unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth, but it does not. So, if you are a large eCommerce site or think you will become so and don't want the down the road headache of transferring, think about buying an Unlimited eCommerce Hosting package from providers like IX Web Hosting, HostMonster, or even iPower. The other negative about ANHosting eCommerce plans is that they do not offer dedicated servers or dedicated eCommerce hosting. This means that, as with most shared eCommerce hosting packages, your website will be hosted with other people. If you are doing a large amount of eCommerce or have high security needs, then you should consider a dedicated server with a host like HostGator instead. Not having dedicated server products available for large-scale eCommerce hosting won't hurt small businesses but it does reduce the likelihood that ANHosting eCommerce is a good choice for large companies.

    On balance, our review found that the eCommerce hosting plan with ANHosting is a good eCommerce hosting product. It is best suited for new eCommerce websites which have less complexity. More advanced eCommerce (including those who want reseller options) might like to consider HostGator. However, for a quick and easy eCommerce experience, the ANHosting eCommerce product is a good one, and with a 30-day refund, it presents very little risk to get your new online store or eCommerce application online.

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